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Music City Blues Magazine - CD Review



"Cures What Ails Ya" CD Review

Music City Blues - December 2007
by Don Crow
Music City Blues

"Born in Illinois, Laurie Morvan took up the guitar as an inquisitive teen, immersing herself in hours of practice after listening to records, trying not only to re-create the sounds she heard, but to also learn why something worked in a particular situation. Influenced, blues-wise, by the works of Bonnie Raitt, Luther Allison, and SRV, her diligent practice has paid great dividends, as she has taken what she's learned over the years and forged a style all her own. That brings us to her latest release on Screaming Lizard Records, "Cures What Ails Ya," twelve of Laurie's originals, bathed in the light of smokin' blues rock that she grew up emulating as an adolescent.

Perhaps it is her background as a mathematics teacher ( a way to "pay the bills" while woodshedding on the guitar!) that fuels her analytical approach to blues guitar. Her lines are distinct and fluid, with no wasted notes. This CD is full of good-rockin' blues, too. The leadoff "Kickin' Down Doors" blasts off with all the swagger of a roadhouse on a Saturday night, and features a killer solo at the bridge. "A Long Time Ago" is a cool tale about the maturity process, and "Keep On Believin" has a positive message set to a slow-blues background.

We had two favorites, too. A shout-out to Wynonna accompanies the "chicken-pickin'" lead lines of "Where Are The Girls With Guitars." And, self-reflection is at the fore of the poignant ballad of a woman with no offspring who faces the reality that she is, indeed, the end of her "Family Line." This one features fine piano from legendary George Duke as well.

This CD has reached the judges' Top Ten of those submitted to the IBC for the Best Self-Produced CD award in February. It's easy to see why--"Cures What Ails Ya," from a girl with a smokin' guitar and a honey-sweet voice, is just what the doctor ordered! Until next time....Sheryl and Don Crow."

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