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"The stunning California axe slinger has seen the doors of recognition open up to her exhilarating electric blues guitar style. Laurie found out the hard way that it often takes time for a female blues guitarist to be taken seriously. But ultimately, unbiased listeners have come to recognize the true authenticity and devotion in her music and in her guitar playing. Laurie’s fluid licks, incredible tone, and the emotion she exerts in her songs are evidence enough of just how serious she is." Modern Guitars

"Morvan is a flashy, fast-fingered picker that recalls Stevie Ray Vaughan to my ears. "Wiggle Room" is a cousin to SRV's "Scuttle Buttin". I kid you not - testosterone-dripping Blues fans will riff off Morvan big time. Dig her solos on the slow blueser "Keep On Believin". Fitting is "Where Are The Girls With Guitars", a hit-worthy roadhouse stomper all those Country-Rock wannabe women wish they'd written. " BluesCritic.com


Fan Testimonials

"Loved, loved, loved the show at O'Riley's in Grover Beach. I went on all of my guitar forums the next day and raved about it. Such a talent! Best of luck - not that you need it." - Rick, Grover Beach

"You shore kin play that g'it-tar! I saw you yesterday afternoon at the Clarion in Sac and when you started playing, I fell out of my chair. Wow! You got it. I haven't seen a guitarist generate that much excitement in a long time. I'm a garage band blues guitarist and was overwhelmed by the tone you coax out of that guitar and amp. Keep on rocking. You're going places fast. Your new fan. Hope to see you again soon." - Rod, Sacramento

"I heard you at Gator by the Bay (in San Diego). I was dancing with my friend Teresa. She had her eyes closed when you were leaning against me back to back while you were playing. Incredible! Thank you, darlin' for a peak, peak experience! You rock!" - Chris, Seattle, WA

"That show with the Legendary Rhythm and Blues Cruise last night at the Coach House was AMAZING! You took it up another level! I had seen your band a few times and knew you were great, but last night was just magical. I think Tommy Castro and Ronnie Baker Brooks expected some nice local artist to play a few licks, and were pleasantly surprised to get Laurie Morvan, Guitar Goddess. They seemed to really enjoy your work. And the crowd did, too! It was AWESOME!!" - Nancy

"Great meeting you, your band and your mom in Memphis. Thanks all of you for being regular downhome folk. Your public will love you for years to come because of that. Wishing you continual successes in the years to come. Your music is off the charts OUTSTANDING!!!" - Sweet Claudette, Detroit, MI

   "The IBC in Memphis was wonderful in so many ways. The music, the food, the friendships, the historic sites...it was just all wonderful. But Susan and I bring back with us wonderful memories of times spent with you guys. We love your music, but we love that you all have a heart for the music...as do we.
    You had our vote from day one of IBC. You still do. As a band, you guys are sensational. As people and musicians, you have no equal.
    Thank you so much for spending some time with us, allowing us to have your pictures and autographs...and friendship. You were so open to us, and we were so proud of you. Please come to North Carolina. I'll be there!!!" -Doug & Susan, NC

"I was the older grey haired guy who spoke to you a couple of times at the IBC including in the lobby during the finals -- but come to think of it, you probably spoke to a lot of older grey haired guys. This one just had the real southern accent. Anyway, you were wonderful both at Alfred's and the Orpheum and got the audience buzz. Later I happened to compare my written rating notes for the 10 finalist with a guy from Detroit and another from Kentucky and we all had your group in the top 3. My friend Wally is a straight older guy like me but admitted he tear'd up hearing you sing the song that began with the acapella intro. He said you reminded him of Bob Marley. Reggae, I asked? But he said he meant you wrote songs about the human condition and overcoming adversity. We listened to your CD driving back to MS and were really impressed -- which was not true of some other live act vs CD comparisons. Great seeing you and the band. Trust me, I think good things will come out of your trip to the IBC." - Ed,
Jackson, MS

"The new album is great, but it makes me drive too fast.. "
Ron G, Placentia, CA

"my friends and i saw your band at Cozys.. you all are rocking.. i actually got goose bumps .. love you all" Dena, Sherman Oaks, CA

"WOW. Although I am not a musician, I have aquired enough of an ear to reconize some thing very special when I hear it.
What a delightful treat to stumple on your music !!!!!!
I introduced my sons to blues when they were babes. It has always touched my heart. And to hear a woman play with such beauty lifts my soul. Thank you.
I am going to ask for all three of the albums(ok I'm old enough to be your mama too) for christmas. But if I don't get them I will order them myself.
I am looking forward to many hours of discovering Ms. Laurie Morvan" Mama Irene

"Laurie (Blues Angel) nice job on your overall sound, you are dynamite on the Guitar, Howling Wolf would be proud of you as a Blues Singer/Player!" Les

"I saw your video on utube was very impressed with the whole band wished you were nearer to minneapolis your band is on my list of bands to see before I'm stuck in a nursing home or worse. laurie's gutar playingis a breath of fresh air I enjoy listening to her play. " Claude from Minnesota

"You're one of the few bands that sounds even better live than on C.D. My son was impressed with your C.D. and he is 18" Michelle

Photo Gallery

Press Photos Here (Hi-Res)

Budweiser Illinois Blues Festival
Peoria, IL
Laurie Morvan Bands hits big at the Budweiser Illinois Blues Fest
Phoenix Blues Blast
Phoenix, AZ
Phoenix Blues Blast with Laurie, Pat and Tom
Fargo Blues Festival
Fargo, ND
Laurie Morvan Band wows the crowd at Fargo Blues Festival
Art, Wine and Brew Festival
Vacaville, CA
Laurie Morvan Band blazing the blues at the Art, Wine and Brew Festival
Hawkins Amphitheater
Rockin' on Heavens Door
Reno, NV
Laurie Morvan Band headlines Rockin' on Heaven's Door at the Hawkins Amphitheater in Reno, NV
Tall City Blues Festival
Midland, TX
Laurie Morvan Band burning it up at the Tall City Blues Fest in Midland, TX
Long Beach Blues Festival presents the KJazz Blues Bash
El Rey Theater, Los Angeles, CA
photo by Michelle Van Vliet
Laurie Morvan Band sizzles at the KJazz Blues Bash, presented by the Long Beach Blues Festival at the El Rey Theater in Los Angeles, CA
Blues, Brews and BBQ Festival
Champaign, IL
Laurie Morvan Band made front page news at the Blues, Brews and BBQ Festival in Champaign, IL
Winter Festival of Blues
Santa Cruz, CA
Laurie Morvan Band fires up the crowd at the Winter Festival of Blues in Santa Cruz, CA
Redwood Run
Piercy, CA
Laurie Morvan Band blazing the blues at the Redwood Run in Piercy, CA
European Tour
De Pit in Terneuzen, Netherlands
photo by Jan Marius Franzen
Laurie Morvan Band headlines at De Pit in Terneuzen, Netherlands during their European tour.
Blues by the Bay Festival
Eureka, CA
Laurie Morvan Band is the crowd favorite at Blues by the Bay Festival in Eureka, CA
Red, White & Blues Festival
Feather Falls Casino
Oroville, CA
Laurie Morvan Band ignites the crowd at the Red, White & Blues Festival held at Feather Falls
Billtown Blues Festival
Williamsport, PA
Laurie Morvan took this photo from the stage during the show - the joint was rockin'!
Billtown Blues Festival - Laurie Morvan took this photo from the stage

Coloma Blues Live!
Lotus, CA

Laurie Morvan Band performed for record crowd at Coloma Blues Live
Greeensburg, PA
Laurie Morvan Band sets all-time CD sales record at SummerSounds
Fire On The Mountain Music Festival
Sonora, CA
Laurie Morvan Band a crowd favorite at Fire On The Mountain Music Festival
Monterey Bay Blues Festival
Monterey, CA

Fire It Up! awarded 2010 Best Self-Produced CD at the International Blues Challenge on January 23, 2010.


Laurie Morvan chosen as the "face" of the Ellnora Guitar Festival!


Laurie Morvan Band rocked the house in Champaign, Illinois during their Summer Midwest Tour.

Laurie Morvan Band at the 10th Annual Blues Bash, Julian, CA

Laurie Morvan Band at Gator By the Bay Zydeco & Blues Festival, San Diego, CA

Laurie Morvan Band at the Relay for Life fundraiser for the American Cancer Society

Laurie Morvan and John Mayall at the Coach House in San Juan Capistrano, CA.

Laurie Morvan Band performing at the Write4Hope Blues Festival

Laurie Morvan sat in with the Walter Trout Band in Huntington Beach, CA.
Laurie and Walter let their guitars do the talkin'!

Laurie Morvan, Tommy Castro and Ronnie Baker Brooks traded solos at the Legendary Rhythm & Blues Revue

The Laurie Morvan Band ROCKED the house at Biscuits & Blues!

Debbie Davies and Laurie Morvan gettin' fired up and having some fun on stage together!
Proving once and for all that it ain't diamonds, but guitars, that are a girl's best friend...

The incredible George Duke played piano on Laurie's song, Family Line, on the Cures What Ails Ya CD.

Corey Stevens invites Laurie Morvan to join him onstage after catching her opening set.

Laurie Morvan Band


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