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Elmore Magazine - CD Review



"Cures What Ails Ya" CD Review

Elmore Magazine - Nov/Dec 2007
by Jim Hynes
Elmore Magazine CD review

Laurie Morvan's third and most polished release begins in angry blues-rock fashion with the statement, "We've taken enough/ we ain't takin' no more/ Instead of bangin' our head we should be kickin' down doors" - an outcry against our current political situation. On the first three tracks, Laurie Morvan and her band deliver a series of up-tempo blues rockers with her soaring guitar prominent. The rhetorical question "Where are the Girls with Guitars?" is a defiant rebuttal to the labels not taking female guitarists seriously. Well, it's about time they took notice of this blazing singing/songwriting guitarist who penned all 12 cuts on the disc. This is one hard-working, passionate woman giving her all on every track.

Laurie's difficult childhood in a rural Illinois town where she, her mother and stepfather built their home with their own hands, seems to be the bedrock of her driving ambition. After getting a degree in electrical engineering and having earned private and commercial jet licenses, she moved to LA, taking an aerospace job. She began to play in rock 'n' roll cover bands, quit her day job, and fell in love with the guitar, practicing eight or nine hours a day. Laurie says, "Playing lead guitar is a lot like doing a life-long dance of seduction with your true love. It's just as important to know when to shut up and listen as it is to hoot and holler, when to tease and when to please, when to be tough and when to be tender."

All those styles are in evidence here, but most striking is the emotionally honest ballad, "Family Line," where she laments not being able to give birth and yet manages to say, "Now I've got everything I could ever need." On a disc of energy-charged tunes, this slow burner demands repeat listens.

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