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Big City Blues Magazine - Interview



Blues, Guitars & Baseball

Big City Blues Magazine - June/July 2007
Big City Blues Magazine
Q: Favorite Team? Why?
A: The Cubs, because I grew up in Illinois and the Cubs are about as Blues as baseball can get! When I was a kid I used to run home from elementary school as quick as I could to watch the Cubs games. My friends and I were latchkey kids from a working class neighborhood and everyday in the summer we'd meet in the park to play baseball, whether there were ten of us or three of us.

Q: Favorite place to see baseball? Favorite Stadium? Why?
A: When I was a kid, Wrigley Field. They only had games during the day...no lights allowed. Now I live in LA...so I like going to Angel Stadium because it's pretty and there are still some cheap seats available for us hard workin' but ever so slightly financially challenged musicians.

Q: Favorite Player? Why?
A: Ernie Banks because he's Mr. Cub!

Q: Favorite Guitar? Why?
A: My '56 Reissue Strat from the Fender Custom Shop. I must have played over a hundred different guitars all over southern California shopping for just the right guitar to record my new CD. My friend has a vintage 1955 Strat which we hauled around with us and we were comparing everything to it...and everything was falling short of its beautiful, singing tone, including a bunch of other '56 reissue Strats. I would switch back and forth between the '55 and whatever guitar I was trying. I was starting to despair. Finally, we plugged this one in and every head in the room turned when I started playing it. I knew it was my new baby!

Q: Electric or Acoustic? Why?
A: Electric guitar because it's just so sexy! I love to play lead. I do thoroughly enjoy playing acoustic, I have a beautiful Martin D-28 from the 70's, but I can most fully express myself on my electric.

Q: Favorite Guitar Player besides yourself?
A: Hands down, my man SRV. Although Luther Allison is a very, very close second.

Q: Favorite strings? Why?
A: Ernie Ball 10's Regular Slinkies. 9's feel too light, other brands just don't feel as comfortable. I'm sure it's partly just a matter of familiarity.

Q: Favorite Amp? Why?
A: My Tone King Meteor II. I love this amp and get nothing but gushing compliments on its tone at all my shows. The combination of my '56 reissue Strat and the Tone King is just buttery and warm and wonderful. I'm in love!

Q: Favorite Club? Why?
A: Honestly...any place where the folks in the audience genuinely dig listening to music! It can be large or small, but I adore those intense crowds of real music lovers.

Q: If you could play professional baseball what position would you like to play?
A: Shortstop, cuz that's where all the action is.

Q: If you could come back as something besides a man what animal (or
bird,bee, fish or plant) would that be?

A: A guitar playing wolf.

Big City Blues is a great magazine and its publisher, Robert Jr Whitall is a huge supporter of blues and blues musicians. Check out his wonderful magazine and order up a subscription for yourself!
Big City Blues Magazine

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