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2005 Articles, Reviews, Interviews




Blues Revue

Blues Revue Magazine, Dec 2005/Jan 2006

"The Laurie Morvan Band...on Find My Way Home...with a connection to Stevie Ray Vaughan...Morvan handles all guitar parts... aggressive fretwork..."  Read more...

Sweet Blue Onion

Sweet Blue Onion, May 2005

"This band is hotter than a sailor on shore leave...lord have mercy this lady can not only play guitar, she can belt out a tune!!! 'Big Love' has growling vocals and big guitar, but it also has a smokin band backing it all up. 'Hold On To You' is a funky tune with some Robin Trower inspired guitar playing. I found myself on the 3rd listen concentrating on the bass guitar and being blown out of the water...Pat Morvan plays amazing bass guitar and when you buy this cd focus on his bass playing after you have listened to the songs a couple of times. Incredible!"  Read more...

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