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Sweet Blue Onion - "Find My Way Home" CD Review



"Find My Way Home" CD Review

Sweet Blue Onion - May 2005
By Johnny Mannion
Sweet Blue Onion

I received this CD in the mail today and I put it on the CD player right away. I wasn't sure what to expect as I put it on the player..... to my great delight, this is a great blues rock effort with a southern feel and a mixture of electric and acoustic songs. Laurie wrote all but 3 of the tunes and she is an accomplished writer.

There are several obvious influences, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Ann Wilson of Heart, and the occasional tip of the hat to the southern rock of The Allman Brothers and Marshall Tucker. It is a great mixture leading to a sound that is The Laurie Morvan Band's alone. This band is hotter than a sailor on shore leave.

The first notes of the first song "Big Love" just jump out and you are drawn to the song....Then you hear the voice...lord have mercy this lady can not only play guitar, she can belt out a tune!!!

"Big Love" has growling vocals and big guitar, but it also has a smokin band backing it all up.

"Hold On To You" is a funky tune with some Robin Trower inspired guitar playing. I found myself on the 3rd listen concentrating on the bass guitar and being blown out of the water.. Pat Morvan plays amazing bass guitar and when you buy this cd focus on his bass playing after you have listened to the songs a couple of times. Incredible!

The title track "Find My Way Home" is an acoustic tune which is very mellow compared to the first two burners. It owes a debt to Ann Wilson of Heart. The background vocals are perfect. I love this tune.

"I Can't Get Enough" starts with a guitar lick that is followed by the rest of the band jumping in for some punches. This song is my kind of tune and the drummer plays an amazing shuffle here. This is one tough band!

The classic Stevie Ray tune "Tightrope" follows and is very nicely done...No shame here! Great guitar solo. At about 2:53 into the song there are some background vocals which bring to mind old Leon Russell or Joe Cocker stuff...I love the vocals. Clydie King would be proud!!!

"Holy War" is a song with a message. An acoustic tune with a great vocal performance. I love the message of this song.

There is too much hate in this world without creating more because you don't agree with who someone loves.This world needs more love. I don't understand how anyone can say that love is wrong.....sigh.

"Rock Me Right" ,one of only three songs not written by Laurie Morvan, was originally recorded by Susan Tedeschi.... you better have some serious vocal chops to pull this off without making a fool of yourself, Laurie more than holds her own with Susan on this one, Tough job, but she did it!!!

"Only Beautiful People Fall In Love" is a nice easy going tune which reminds me of John Mellencamp and Van Morrison. This album is so musically divergent without being spotty.

"Once In My Life" opens with some stunning bass chops and I can't listen to anything else... the bass on this album is top notch!

This song is a little too 80's rock for my taste...but the bass is amazing!

"Let Me Go" is another acoustic tune in the Wilson Sisters mode. Nice song.

The CD ends on a high note with the Willie Dixon classic, "Let Me Love You Baby". A Stevie Ray tribute song. Laurie is a guitar slinger of some note and she shines here. Her voice sounds right at home on this one. The band smokes big time.

These musicians are all quality players and should be heard by a much wider audience..

You can't go wrong with this one. If you are not a blues purist you will probably find this CD a worthwhile purchase. Great guitar and vocals, stunning bass guitar and great drums and keyboards.

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