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Skinny Chicks - Song Lyrics




Skinny Chicks

by Laurie Morvan
©2009 Screaming Lizard Music (BMI)

Well there's a whole lotta songs out there
'bout how the boys love their big legged women
Yeah the blues men fall right to their knees
Giving voice to that vision
Well I'm here to say when you get your kicks
Don't you forget about us skinny chicks
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Now I've got nothin' against, no I don't
My full-figured sistas
I think every woman should feel beautiful
With her own bonita vistas
Like fine wine tasting as you make your picks
Don't forget to sample us skinny chicks
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Well it's a super cleavage world, yeah yeah
Where bigger is better, your size will be measured
So you go to the doctor and he takes what you got
Then he moves it around to the places that it's not
I don't think I need to be fixed
I'm okay bein' a skinny chick
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

I'm just a skinny chick
Oh yeah I'm just a skinny chick

As Laurie puts it, Skinny Chicks is a song for the 2nd half of the population, as there are many songs written by the blues men about big legged women. Some of these performers record more than 1 version of the same song about their favorite big leg woman, they love the topic so much.
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