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University of Illinois Press



Women And Ideas In Engineering
Twelve Stories From Illinois
& Coloring Book

University of Illinois Press
Chapter 9 - Do Engineers Have to Engineer?



Women in Engineering book includes Laurie Morvan

Laurie Morvan in University of Illinois Engineering book

As a graduate from the University of Illinois Electrical Engineering Program, Laurie Morvan was asked to tell her story to the authors of Women In Engineering, Twelve Stories from Illinois, a book recently released by the University of Illinois Press. Authors alumna Angela Wolters and Laura Hahn highlight the stories of pioneering women in the College of Engineering.

Laurie is honored to be featured in the chapter titled, "Do Engineers Have to Engineer?" The book outlines Laurie's circuitous journey to the blues... from graduating from a small town high school, to earning her Bachelor's in Electrical Engineering and several pilot's licenses while playing volleyball at the U of I, to taking and eventually leaving her southern CA aerospace job to pursue music, to juggling a college math professorship while being a touring blues musician.

Laurie is also included in the companion Coloring Book aimed at inspiring young girls to investigate challenging careers. For those interested in purchasing the book, it is available on Amazon.

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