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Gravity CD Review

Volume 41/Number 94
February 2, 2017


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Laurie Morvan - Gravity
Volume 41/Number 94
February 2, 2018

SCREAMING LIZARD - LAURIE MORVAN/Gravity: What's it take to make an indie record sound like a big time commercial project while retaining its organic roots and feel? How about getting the A team together to support a talent that knows what she's doing and what it's all about. From Mike Finnigan's smoking B3 choogle to Morvan's searing to-the-point vocals and lyrics, this is a rousing, fist pumping good that's as life affirming as electro blues can be. This white girl might have the blues, but she ain't got nothing to be blue about. Another killer set from one of the genre's leading lights.

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