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February 15, 2018

Indie Voice Blog on LA Music Critic.com review of Gravity

Artist Name:  Laurie Morvan

Album Name:  Gravity

Label:  Screaming Lizard Records

Genre:  Blues

Track Listing:  1.  My Moderation; 2.  Twice the Trouble; 3.  Stay With Me; 4.  Money Talks; 5.  The Extra Mile; 6.  Gravity; 7.  Dance in the Rain; 8.  Gotta Dig Deep; 9.  The Man who Left Me; 10.  Shake Your Tailfeathers; 11.  I Want Answers; 12.  Too Dumb to Quit

Publicist:  Blind Raccoon

Review:  We first heard of Laurie Morvan quite a few years back when we caught her act at a little bar in Huntington Beach called Martini Blues.  She has obviously spent the time between then and now refining her craft and becoming one of the premier blues bands in Southern California.  Morvan brings the traditional blues to life with amazing vocals and well-crafted lyrics, set on a bed of rocking blues.  All the songs are her original compositions.  Listening to Morvan, it quickly becomes clear that the future of the blues is safe as long as artists like her continue to be a part of this great genre.  Her songs would also fit comfortably on many radio stations, including NPR, as this is just great music.  The keys, especially on the first two tracks, “My Moderation” and “Twice the Trouble,” are second to none, and set this music apart from many of her blues peers.  There isn’t a bad track on the album, so just sit back and enjoy it from start to finish.

Recommendation:  If you love the blues, then this album belongs at the top of your musical library.  Get it now.

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