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Laurie Morvan Band - energetic, red hot blues

Portland Monthly, October 27, 2012

Portland Monthly feature article on Laurie Morvan Band, October 27, 2012

Article Text

Laurie Morvan grew up in a little white house on Bittersweet Lane. This seems fitting for the music she'd come to make—energetic, red hot blues that can go from euphoric to melancholic in only a few licks. When Morvan decided to pursue music, she played guitar for upwards of ten hours a day, performed five nights a week for months on end. All that hard work began to pay off in 2008, when The Laurie Morvan Band debuted on the blues scene to acclaim. LMB is touring in support of their 4th album, Breathe Deep.
Phone: 503-234-2337

November 8, 2012 at 9pm

Duff's Garage
1635 SE 7th Ave
Portland , OR
Phone: 503-234-2337
Website: duffsgarage.com


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