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Big City Blues Magazine



Breathe Deep CD Review
by Roger & Margaret White

Big City Blues, Dec 2011 - Jan 2012 issue

Big City Blues reviews Breathe Deep by the Laurie Morvan Band in their Dec 2011 issue


Article Text

     California guitar slinger Laurie Morvan turns as many heads with her expressive playing as her long blond hair.  With exhilaration and skill, Laurie’s guitar blazes on her newest CD, Breathe Deep.  She leads her veteran band – Pat Morvan on bass, Kevin Murillo drums and newest addition Tommy Salyers on keyboards – through a slew of new songs she’s written.  Her signature double female vocals are intact; her co-producer and longtime backing singer Lisa (Grubbs) Morvan enhances Laurie’s vocals and sweetens up this impressive feminine accomplishment.

     The CD starts rockin’ with a bar room anthem “No Working During Drinking Hours” and really gets cook’n with “Mojo Mama,” while the sparks fly from her guitar on “Back Up The Train.”  The slow burn of resentment kindles through, “Bad Love Blues” till the breakup leaves you feeling like “It Only Hurts When I Breathe” as Laurie’s guitar builds from a gentle sigh to a roar on the extended solo.  Laurie is “Saved by the Blues,” likening the inspirational effect of blues to a religious experience.  When you feel “Beat Up From the Feet Up” like when trouble had you “wore down, Freddie King tore down,” and Laurie just rips it up.  With a rich warming tone Laurie expresses the price you’re gonna pay for “Hurtin’ and Healin’” and stands strong stating it’s gonna be a “Long Time ‘til I’m Gone.”

     With perseverance and determination Laurie has taken Breathe Deep and pushed forward, proving a lady can be strong yet sweet, while letting her guitar do the screaming and crying.


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