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Random Length feature article on Laurie Morvan Band Oct 2010

Random Notes – Oct 2010

Laurie Morvan Band Plays Café Boogaloo Oct.23
by: B. Noel Barr, The Music Writer Dude

Random Lengths News caught the Laurie Morvan Band at the 2010 Bayou Festival this summer. Akin to a hound catching a scent, her incendiary playing cut though the zydeco from the main stage and took us across the grounds to the blues stage.

We stood there watching in awe as Laurie tore into blues originals like, "Come Over to My BBQ" and "Living in A Man's World." Both songs come from her Fire It Up compact disc, which won the 2010 Blues Foundation, Blues challenge award for best selfproduced CD. She was the Blues Breaker of the week on the House of Blues hour hosted by Dan (Elwood Blues) Aykroyd for the shows that aired April 24 and 30. Aykroyd interviewed Laurie for the Blues Hour in June of this year as well.

Stevie Ray Vaughn inspired her. This Illinois native sounds similar to another Texas blues man Johnny Winter. Laurie has dedicated her life to playing guitar though there were times when getting a day job was necessary. Now she lives her passion.

She has speed and an articulate attack that shows she has spent her time wood shedding her skills learning from the pantheon of blues and rock greats. Her vocals are rich like butter when she harmonizes with back up singer Lisa (Grubbs) Morvan.

The rest of the band includes bassist Pat Morvan, keyboardist Tom Salyers and drummer Kevin Murillo. This five piece group is a musical monster on steroids.

Laurie and her band spent the summer working clubs and major blues festivals from California to the Midwest. Before she takes off for a short tour to Northern California, we will be able to hear the Laurie Morvan Band here for one night. Showtime is 8:30 p.m.

Venue: Cafe Boogaloo
Location: 1238 Hermosa Ave., Hermosa Beach


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