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Blues Source - Fire It Up! CD review



Fire It Up! CD review

Blues Source, 11/10/09

by Mark Smith

Blues Source CD review

Article Text

CD Review: Fire it Up! by the Laurie Morvan Band

By Mark Smith | Blues Source | November 10, 2009

Laurie Morvan throws all the stereotypes about good looking blondes out the window. Not only is she spooky smart, with degrees in Electrical Engineering and Applied Mathematics and stints as a pilot and college professor to her credit, she is a highly talented guitarist, singer and songwriter. Instead of wasting her talent competing with pop tartlets seeking top 40 success, she has wisely chosen to focus on the blues making her a pretty big fish in a small pond. While there are countless female blues singers who write their own material, there are few who also lead their own band and can outmatch their male counterparts on guitar like she can. She not only can lay down a boogie or shuffle with the best of them; she can also rock or play with tasteful restraint as necessary in service of the songs, a skill sadly missing from the bulk of the sound alike members of the six string blues army.

On this, her 4th disc, she lays down plenty of jaw dropping guitar work while leading her band through 12 original tunes that run the gamut from saucy, double entendre laden cuts (Come on Over to My BBQ) to astute observations that good girls are just bad girls that haven’t been caught (Good Girls Bad Girls), to promises of solid support no matter what burden you need carried (Let Me Carry Your Troubles) and a plea that women with normal figures get some attention in the blues world (Skinny Chicks). Along the way, she also rails against the injustice of having to work harder to prove herself than any guy who straps on a guitar but is quick to point out that she doesn’t want pity because it’s the life she’s chosen (Livin’ In A Man’s World). Morvan also has a tender side, yearning for deep connections (Lay Your Hands) and agonizing over being the next broken promise (Testify). Rounding things out she includes a couple of party ready anthems, Nothing But the Blues and I Speak The Blues, which utilize the well worn cliché of making the blues the subject of a blues song, but are fine listens nevertheless and will likely keep the dance floor full. Keep your eyes on Laurie Morvan, she’s likely already thinking about the next step in her conquest of the blues world. - Mark Smith


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