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Laurie Morvan Band Interview

A1Blues.com - Blues Music and Interviews, 10/22/09

An interview with Laurie featuring songs from the new CD!
posted by A1 Mark

A1Blues.com Interview and Podcast  - Laurie Morvan Band - Fire It Up!

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A1Blues.com - Blues Music and Interviews

posted by A1 Mark, Interview and Podcast, October 22, 2009

An interview with Laurie featuring songs from the new CD!

This show aired on KCOR Kansas City Online Radio 10/24/09 7pm CST
and also KCR-FM - Australia

"Laurie Morvan will be talking about her new record that just came out two days ago called Fire It Up. You will also be hearing some of the fiery tracks from the record."

Fire It Up is Laurie Morvan’s fourth record and third with the Laurie Morvan Band. As the title implies this is a record that is ready to catch fire. It should do so both in popularity as well as with the good old blues rockin’ sound it provides. Nothing this good happens with out lots of hard work and Laurie has sure paid her dues. Growing up in Illinois in the US her father walked out on her and her mother when she was only five years old. They struggled for many years till her mother remarried. The new family bought some property in rural Illinois where they built their own home with their own hands. Laurie played flute in the high school band, drums in the marching band, and managed to earn twelve varsity letters during her four years there. This is the same time she took up the guitar which she thought was the greatest thing ever. Laurie went to college to get a degree in Electrical Engineering. She also went to the Institute of Aviation and got a license for private, commercial, instrument, and a multi-engine pilot’s license. She also got a full scholarship for playing volleyball. As Laurie says in the show after college she moved to Los Angeles to take a job in the aerospace industry or to play in a rock band. Well, she moved there to do one of them and the other just happened to be there too.

Eventually playing in bands became a full time job with all the spare time being used to practice the guitar. She decided it was time to record a record but needed money to do it right. Laurie went back to school to get her Master’s Degree in Applied Mathematics and taught math in college until she had enough money to make her first record. The band was call Backroad Shack and in 1997 they put out their first record called Out In The Woods. The band changed the name to Laurie Morvan Band and released Find My Way Home in 2004. Cures What Ails Ya come out in 2007 to great acclaim with articles about her appearing in Guitar Player, Vintage Guitar and Blues Revue, among others. The CD made it into the top five of the Blues Foundation’s Best Self-Produced CD.

Now this week the Laurie Morvan Band has released their fourth CD called Fire It Up.
Laurie described the first track “Nothin’ But The Blues” as a front porch twinge country blues feel. She said a friend called her and one day to tell her he had a dream and she needed to quit doing blues and start playing stadium rock. Laurie laughed and went on to explain how much she loves the blues, how passionate she is for the blues, and how she will be grinning on stage because she loves what she is doing so much. For Laurie “Nothin’ But The Blues” is not just a song, it is a great passion that comes through in her songs. Laurie said she likes walking around the house with her guitar unplugged, practicing this helps her to think. One day while doing this she came up with the main riff of “Come On Over To My BBQ” then had fun adding in a bunch of double entendres. She said this song was made to have fun listening to and that is very true. “Good Girls Bad Girls” is another fun song about how people talk about someone else’s problems but in the end they too have skeletons in their closets. “Let Me Carry Your Troubles” is a very nice acoustic ballad about one of her friends who was diagnosed with breast cancer, luckily she is ok now and we have this beautiful song. All the songs on Fire It Up were written by Laurie Morvan. As you will hear in the show these songs are just the start of a very good record that should be getting even more attention than her last record. It takes a lot of hard work to break out from the rest and get noticed but as you have seen hard work has never stopped this passionate blues rockin’ guitar loving’ player from accomplishing what she wants. There is one thing left for you to do, go to Laurie Morvan’s Website and buy this new CD then Fire It Up.

Songs in the show are:
Skinny Chicks
Cafe Boogaloo
I Speak The Blues
Livin’ In A Mans World

Thanks to Laurie Morvan for taking time to be on the show.
Thanks to Mark Pucci for setting everything up.

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