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Southland Blues Magazine - Live Review



Laurie Morvan Band - Live Show Review
Blue Cafe, Long Beach, CA, with Debbie Davies

Southland Blues Magazine, May 20, 2006
by Jim Santella
Southland Blues Magazine

The Laurie Morvan Band had offered up the opening set, which filled the room with white-hot guitar adventures for an hour and a half. She sings original songs and classic tunes with a hot, contemporary guitar buzz to reinforce her heartfelt vocals.

Few blues guitarists pour as much energy into their performance. With backup singers Lisa (Grubbs) Morvan and Carolyn Kelley in support, Morvan delivered a meaningful performance that had us sitting on the edge of our seats. Her vocals set the room at ease, while her fiery guitar solos set the house on fire.

This night, as Morvan sang and played selections from her recent album and her upcoming project, she maintained a balance of sizzling guitar work and deeply felt lyric tales. "Keep On Believin'" stood out as one of the program's many high points for its slow and meaningful dialogue. Bassist Pat Morvan also sang backup on this one along with Grubbs and Kelley, as drummer Angie Tabor provided a soft, velvety texture and pianist Kelley covered the arrangement with a smooth layer of honey.

Later, the program included plenty of variety, as the band added violin, a second keyboard, and beautiful soloing from everyone. The night's constant driving force, however, remained focused on Morvan's fiery guitar.

Her closing number, "Kickin' Down Doors," brought the house down as the guitarist strode through the audience kickin' out one fiery burst of rock-solid blues fireworks after another.

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