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Southland Blues Magazine - "Find My Way Home" CD Review



"Find My Way Home" CD Review

Southland Blues Magazine - February 2006
Review by Jim Santella
Southland Blues Magazine CD review

Singer and guitarist Laurie Morvan serves up eight original and three covers on her album of eclectic delights. She travels the whole blues spectrum, as she and her band interpret warm ballads, cool jumpers, hot drivers, and thought-provoking questions. Her songs come with built-in stories that relate to where we hangout and what’s on our minds. She interprets the program with heartfelt emotion and convinces readily. But it’s her fiery electric guitar interludes that amplify each message and prove their veracity in no uncertain terms.

Stevie Ray Vaughan’s muscular “Tightrope” serves as a vehicle for her blazing technique. Several originals, as well, demonstrate the powerful drive that makes Morvan stand out. She lights up the room, and then blows out the windows and doors. The other side to her program comes filled with a genuine spirit that has something more to say. “Holy War” and “Find My Way Home” offer beautiful impressions that find her message surrounded with lush backing vocals and a sturdy band of complementary instrumental voices. Bassist Pat Morvan, drummer Tony Barach Dennis, and pianists Carolyn Kelley, Ron Perry & Lou Apodaca add considerable spirit to her recommended session. Listen to audio samples from the album at www.lauriemorvan.com and see if you don’t agree.

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