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LMB Musicians

The Laurie Morvan Band is:

Laurie Morvan - Lead Guitar, Lead Vocals, Songwriting

Pat Morvan - Bass Guitar

Lisa (Grubbs) Morvan - Backup Vocals, Percussion

Tommy Salyers - Keyboards

Lonnie Jones - Drums


Press Highlights

""Hold On To You" is a funky tune with some Robin Trower inspired guitar playing. I found myself on the 3rd listen concentrating on the bass guitar and being blown out of the water. Pat Morvan plays amazing bass guitar and when you buy this cd focus on his bass playing after you have listened to the songs a couple of times. Incredible!" Sweet Blue Onion

"Across two sets, Morvan and band gave it their all on mainly their original numbers like “Kickin’ Down Doors,” the fun “My Baby Says,” the inspirational “Keep On Believin,’” and (my favorite) the wonderful three-part-a-cappella-opener, harmony-guitar-fest “Way Down/One Little Thing.”" IllinoisBlues.com

"This band is a ballsy, banging, top-class, blues act. Laurie’s honey-thick, sultry voice is framed by the sweet whine of her guitar. As soon as you pop in the CD you find yourself lost somewhere in the Mid-West at a prominent blues bar. Her band is solid, playing flawlessly. It is obvious that the band has a good relationship on and off the stage. The sound is pristine, makes you feel like your feet away from the stage. All I can say is that I want to see this band live. " JSI Top 21

Laurie Morvan Band - Musicians
Laurie would like to introduce you to her wonderful band!

"Pretty Boy" Pat Morvan - bass

Photo by Bob Hakins

Pretty Boy Pat's Blog

Lisa Morvan - backing vocals

Photo by Bob Hakins

Tommy Salyers - keyboards

Photo by Bob Hakins

Lonnie Jones - drums

Lonnie Jones, drummer for the Laurie Morvan Band
Photo by Bob Hakins

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