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Kickin' Down Doors

Red Hot Blues Rock


"Red Hot Blues Rock - four words that get my blood pumping, my toe tapping, my heart racing, my head bobbing and always get me reaching for my guitar!" says Laurie Morvan. "Blues rock is that perfect, visceral combination of the soulfulness that is so intrinsic to the blues, powered by the high-octane fuel of rock-n-roll. It is my very favorite musical art form!"

Admirers of this genre, both its fans and its performers, cut a wide and varied swath across the musical spectrum. It is pretty well accepted that no one can definitively describe this hybrid style in such a way as to get any kind of consensus agreement on its definition. It's often been said that if you asked ten different people to define what it is, you will get ten completely different answers.

"I love the diversity of it," says Laurie. "I think infusing your music with the richness of multiple styles makes for a much more colorful and interesting pallette from which you can create a more exciting and cinematic picture. As an artist, I allow myself complete freedom to let the song take me wherever it wants to go. I'm certainly not going to squash a creative moment by labelling something too blues or too rock. I think it is an incredible blessing to get to draw from both universes. These songs explode into the world with a life of their own and we get to ride along with 'em! How cool is that?"

As in all things human, sometimes people will argue about what blues rock is - and what it isn't. Blues purists will argue that it isn't blues enough, and rockers will argue that any song where the first two lines repeat themselves is the blues. "Why label it at all?" says Laurie with a grin. " Why not just enjoy it and let it heal your soul?"

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A quintessential example of blues rock is found in this early recording of the Laurie Morvan Band's song Kickin' Down Doors from their Cures What Ails Ya CD . Notice how the driving guitar, bass and drums provide the high-energy foundation throughout the song. Then it gets seasoned with plenty of blues and rock inspired guitar soloing and you've got blues rock at its tastiest!

This is video of the blues rock song Kickin' Down Doors



However you do it...be sure to set your soul a-fire with some Blues Rock from the Laurie Morvan Band !


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