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Pretty Boy Pat's Corner
"Pretty Boy" Pat Morvan

I'm a bass player. I play the bass for the Laurie Morvan Band (LMB). They call me "Pretty Boy Pat". I am writing this as there has been some interest in what a bass player's life is like in a working band. I will be adding to these writings as events unfold during our travels on the road and working from our home base in southern California.

Here is a little of my history. I got the bug to play guitar and bass in my early teens and I have been going strong for the last 40 plus years. After playing guitar and bass in many bands I went back to college to earn a degree in music with the emphasis on bass.

I've worked as a music teacher in public education, which has its own rewards, but none is more rewarding than playing with a bunch of talented musicians as are in the LMB. Laurie is an inspiring song writer/guitarist. She challenges her band members to reach for excellence in serving the song to the best of your ability. Kevin is an amazing drummer with the capability to play solid impeccable time. His fills are well thought out, excellently executed, and always service the song.

If you have been reading this blog, I thank you for taking interest in what we are doing and I hope that you have been enjoying it. If you would like to respond to any of this or give me some new material you can contact me by sending an email to morvan(at)ca.rr.com. (Replace (at) with @ when sending an email).


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8.16.10 Home, Downey, California  
8.15.10 Return to Los Angeles, California  
8.14.10 Fire on the Mountain Music Festival  
8.13.10 Day off in Emeryville, California  
8.12.10 Biscuits and Blues, San Francisco, California  
8.11.10 Driving Day, San Francisco, California  
8.10.10 The Wine Cellar, Ogden, Utah  
8.9.10 Pat's BBQ, Salt Lake City, Utah  
8.8.10 Layover Day, Cheyenne, Wyoming  
8.7.10 Wilebski's Blues Saloon, St. Paul, Minnesota  
8.6.10 Wilebski's Blues Saloon, St. Paul, Minnesota  
8.5.10 River City Blues Society, Pekin, Illinois  
8.4.10 Bud and Rita King, Plainfield, Illinois  
8.3.10 Layover Day, Streetsboro, Ohio  
8.2.10 Time Out Pub, Rockland, Maine  
7.31.10 Blackeyed Sally's, Hartford, Connecticut  
7.30.10 SummerSounds, St. Clair Park, Greensburg, PA  
7.29.10 Great Lakes Blues Society, London, Ontario, CANADA  
7.28.10 Double D's Tonawanda, New York  
7.27.10 Travel and Layover Day in Buffalo, New York  
7.26.10 Lay over day in Milford, Delaware  
7.25.10 Rehoboth Beach Bandstand, Delaware  
7.24.10 Vonn's Jazz and Blues Club, Columbus, Ohio  
7.23.10 Blues in the District, Quincy, Illinois  
7.22.10 Fitzgerald's, Berwyn Illinois  
7.21.10 Skip's Party Place, Angola, Indiana  
7.20.10 Decatur Blues Society, Decatur, Illinois  
7.19.10 Central Illinois Blues Society, Springfield, Illinois  
7.18.10 Fat Fish Pub in Galesburg, Illinois  
7.17.10 Wabash BBQ in Excelsior Springs, Missouri  
7.16.10 Uncle Bo’s Blues Bar in Topeka, Kansas  
7.15.10 Blues Society of Omaha, Nebraska  
7.14.10 Bad Bean Productions, Wichita Kansas  
7.11.10 Downtime at Greg and Roberta’s in Lansing, Kansas  
7.10.10 Boulder Outlook Hotel, Boulder Colorado  
7.9.10 Wyoming Jazz and Blues Society in Casper, WY  
7.8.10 LMB Leaves On 2010 Tour  
9.13.09 Back Home After Ellnora Guitar Festival  
9.12.09 3rd Day Ellnora Guitar Festival  
9.11.09 2nd Day Ellnora Guitar Festival  
9.10.09 1st Day Ellnora Guitar Festival  
9.05.09 Long Beach Blues Festival  
8.16.09 Back to Start  
8.15.09 Wabash BBQ in Excelsior Springs, MO  
8.14.09 Blues on Grand in Des Moines, IA  
8.13.09 Night Off At The Kings  
8.12.09 River City Blues Society in Pekin, IL  
8.11.09 Friends of the Blues in St. Anne, IL  
8.10.09 The Alamo in Springfield, IL  
8.09.09 The High Dive in Champaign, IL  
8.08.2009 InConcert at 4th Floor Blues Club in Richmond, IN  
8.07.09 Beale on Broadway in St. Louis, MO  
8.06.09 Slippery Noodle in Indianapolis, IN  
8.02.09 Livin’ Like Kings at the Kings  
8.01.09 Uncle Bo's Blues Bar in Topeka, KS  
7.31.09 Blues Down Under at Cartoons in Springfield, MO  
7.27.09 Relaxin' with Greg Jim and Roberta  
7.26.09 Frida's Mexican Grill in Wichita, KS  
7.24.09 Fly Me to the Moon Saloon in Telluride, CO  
7.23.09 The Little Bear in Evergreen, CO  
7.22.09 Start of Midwest Tour  
6.28.2009 Headfeathers, Napa, CA  
6.27.2009 Jessie’s Grove Winery, Lodi, CA  
6.24.2009 Bisquits and Blues, San Francisco, CA  
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