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Home, Downey, California


   Pretty Boy's Corner

August 16, 2010

Thought I'd continue with a little more of the blog before signing off. I will try to add more throughout the year especially as the Laurie Morvan Band has significant events happen.

Got up this morning around 7 am, had coffee, wandered around the house a while, and finally went for a run. Came back to the house and started in on some of the things that needed repairing around the house. The outside needed a little help and a light in the bedroom needed immediate attention.
The light has a wireless transmitter in it and the battery that runs it has died. It is an unusual battery so I get one at Home Depot, replace the battery, and the light works fine. Now the fan will also work which is much desired during these warm summer months.

Some sprinklers have been misbehaving so I addressed them. I have to replace one of the sprinkler valves as it has been getting stuck on and flooding the back yard as well as running over into the neighbor's yard. After several trips to Home Depot I get the right one and get it replaced. I then repair a sprinkler manifold that runs a drip system to the flower pots on the patio. Our gardener hits it some times with his edger so I've had to periodically replace it. Luckily, I have one on hand and I get it fixed quickly. The last thing to address is our sump pump. We have a low spot in the back where water collects. We had a sump pump and tank installed to drain this moisture off and it is not working. After some digging and parts replacements it is up and running in good order again.
By now it is late afternoon so I head in for a shower and a break.

Before dinner I get a couple of hours of practice in on the bass. I just sit with my metronome clicking away and jam on various ideas. Now that's fun. I am surprised at how strong my playing chops have become and it is a joy to feel this strong while playing. My buddy, Andy Vermiglio, wrote me when we returned from our tour. In his message he said I must have chops of steel. I guess my chops are a little stronger than when I left. Even though I have a regular practice routine when I am at home there is nothing like performing 3 to 4 hours a night many nights in a row to strengthen ones hands and ideas. This comes as a pleasant surprise. I want to always be able to groove hard like Tommy Castro's bass player, Scott Sutherland.

After a nice dinner, Susan and I sit down to watch some TV, enjoy each others company, and read a little before going to bed. Until next time, adieu.

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