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Day off in Emeryville, California


   Pretty Boy's Corner

August 13, 2010

Yah! We get a much needed day off. After a good night's sleep we get some breakfast and coffee at the local Starbucks. Susan goes for a walk and I go back to the room to relax. Not much to say about this day. I just hang out and watch some TV and practice. Susan and I meet up with Laurie, Lisa, and Tommy at a really good local diner called Rudy's Can't Fail Café. They had great food and a great atmosphere. Their vegetarian chili is very good but a little bit spicy for Susan. I could have eaten a gallon of it but I think everyone was glad I did not. We walk around for a bit and then we all go back to the hotel. Susan and I watch a movie then hit the hay to rest up for our final gig of this tour in Sonora. We need to leave by 7:30am as we are the second band to play at the Fire on the Mountain Festival at 12:15. Our drive is 2 hours and fifteen minutes.

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