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Driving Day, San Francisco, California


   Pretty Boy's Corner

August 11, 2010

I am up at around 8 am and Susan has already done her walk. She snuck out around 7 am. We both go down to eat breakfast and meet Tommy. Later we are joined by Karl, Laurie, and Lisa. Big Mama gets loaded and we are off for California around 10 am.

We see the Great Salt Lake and piles with the salt flats, as we pass through Utah, and some beautiful snow-capped mountains as we pass through Nevada. We also see lots of casinos while in Nevada. We made the 12 hour drive with only three drivers; Laurie, Tommy, and Donto with Donto taking the greatest part of the drive. The drive through the Sierra Nevada's on Interstate 80 is gorgeous. I'm glad it was still daylight when we were passing through them.
During the drive I get a call from my brother, Mark, and he and Mike, another brother, are planning to attend the San Francisco gig at Biscuits and Blues with their friend, Patrick. It will be fun to see them and spend some time with them.

We make it to Emmeryville near Oakland at the base of the San Francisco Bay Bridge at about 9 pm. We gained an hour moving from mountain-time in Utah to pacific coast-time in California and Nevada. The hotel is not bad but the neighborhood around it is very run down. Luckily we are near a nice shopping center complete with a Starbucks and a Home Depot. I want for nothing else. We unload and wait for the clerk to check us in. Laurie and I wonder, why does it take so long to check in, especially when they already have taken your money when you made the reservation? What could they possibly be doing that is so important? Needless to say we are all pretty grumpy, especially me, after this long drive and we just want to get to our rooms to rest. We are already disappointed because of the funky neighborhood, and the nice hotels that we usually stay in that are in a better area are just down the street. Perhaps a good nights sleep will cheer us all up, including me. Tomorrow we have the day free and don't need to head out to Biscuits and Blues in San Francisco until 4:30 pm. Yay!

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