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No Play Layover Day, Cheyenne, Wyoming


   Pretty Boy's Corner

August 8, 2010

We get going from our Super 8 motel about 8 am. This is a long driving day and everyone will need to take a turn driving while everyone else tries to find a way to rest from the sleep-deprived night.

The drive is beautiful with no more rain. We travel through Minnesota, Iowa, all the way across Nebraska, and into Wyoming. We only need to travel two highways which are Interstate 35 and Interstate 80. Odd number Interstates run north and south and even number Interstates run east to west just in case you wanted to know. We are treated to a beautiful sunset as we come across the Nebraska/Wyoming border and finally make it to the hotel around 9 pm with Merch Girl, also known as Lead Foot Sue, at the wheel.

The hotel is a nice Fairfield Inn with warm cookies waiting for us. This supports 'the quality of the hotel in proportion to the length of stay theory' as we will only be here for a short time. We will need to be off at 8 am to make a 7 hour drive to Salt Lake City.

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