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Layover Day, Streetsboro, Ohio


   Pretty Boy's Corner

August 3, 2010

Susan and I get up early, about 5:30. We are here so briefly in Rockland that we wanted to have an opportunity to see the town. We have a pleasant walk, take some pictures, get some Dunkin' Donuts coffee, and check out the ferry building where you can get transported to a few of the islands off the coast of Maine. We run into Tom, who is also up early checking out the town, and we all decide to visit the continental breakfast offered at the hotel. We get some more coffee and eat our breakfast. Tom has a surprise when he turns the wheel to get Cheerios out of the dispenser. The Cheerios come out in a rush and his bowl is filled immediately with the table being strewn with Cheerios. We all have a laugh over this and help him clean it up. After we eat, we head back for showers, packing, and the loading of Big Mama. Big Mama rides again.

We are off at 8 am as planned and we all enjoy the beautiful scenery between our catnaps. This is one of the longest rides of the tour 13 ½ hours from Rockland, Maine to Plainfield, Illinois. We pass through Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. Everyone takes a turn driving and though it is stressful at times we make it to the hotel in Streetsboro, Ohio at about 11 pm. We all decide to not check out from this hotel until 11 am so that we get some unstressed rest. Besides we only have to drive 6 ½ hours to Plainfield tomorrow. Wow. I remember when I use to think 6 ½ hours was a long drive. We all say our good nights and head off to our much-deserved rest.

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