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Time Out Pub, Rockland, Maine


   Pretty Boy's Corner

August 2, 2010

We head on out this morning, but we have a little trouble with the New Jersey left hand turn cloverleaf solution. I wonder if these turns really do help cut down on accidents. We make it across the Tappan Zee bridge and then take the Sawmill Parkway. As we travel this road we find that the some of the over passes are too low for Big Mama to pass under. We do some rerouting and get back up on Interstate 684. When we get into Connecticut we find that Interstate 84 is closed at Southbury, Conn. So we have to do some creative map reading and route around the closure. This adds another hour to our drive today which is already eight hours long. We finally get through all this mess and through Hartford. Ugh.

We pass through Massachusetts and it brings back memories of when I lived here during my elementary and high school years. Tewksbury and Andover hold many fond memories. We stop in Portsmouth, New Hampshire for fuel and food. Susan gets her first lobster roll and I get a veggie sandwich. I am also taking over the driving so I try to eat my sandwich real. It was wrapped in this slippery wax paper and I drop the whole thing on the floor. I used a few choice words and I snap at Lisa. Not good when you lose your cool. Oh, well. I hope my band mates will forgive my erratic temperament.

We get to Maine and it is so gorgeous. The ocean comes right up to the forest and the forest is so diverse. There are maples, pines, oaks, silver birch and white birch trees. We see lobster fisherman's boats and their buoys from their lobster pots. It is a very scenic drive which goes through quite a number of small towns. The drive on highway one on the Atlantic coast reminds me of the drive on highway one on the Pacific coast. Much of it is touristy but it is also a look into how people who live near the ocean make a livelihood and lifestyle.

We make it to the Time Out Pub. It's a neat place with pool table on the lower floor and a bar with stage and dance floor on the upper floor. The club overlooks the Rockland harbor with an impressive view. We check in at the Pub but decide to check in at the hotel first which is right across the street. You got to like that. The rooms are nice and we unload our luggage. We head back to the club to load and sound check. We are greeted by Paul Benjamin, who is the promoter for these Monday night shows, as well as, the North Atlantic Blues Festival and the North Atlantic Blues Cruise. Paul has been working out of this club since 1978 and these Monday nights are well established. People come from miles around knowing that they are going to hear some quality blues music that they can dance to. By the way, Paul is a super nice guy. He has a very friendly and supportive demeanor. We do a quick sound check. Vincent is doing the sound and he does a great job get us going and throughout the night.

We get back to the hotel for a quick change as it is now 6 pm and we play at 7 pm. Everyone in the band is hungry but it will have to wait until our first break after our first set.

We walk back to the club with minutes to spare and start in on our first set. We are playing two 75 minute sets. Before we play, however, we place our food orders with Susan so she can order for us just before our break after the first set. The place is full of people and it looks as though all the tables are full. Paul is doing something right. From the start people are up and dancing and I don't think there is one song we play during the entire night where someone isn't dancing. A lot of people just get up and dance on their own at this club. It's cool when people feel free to do this. Sometimes it takes a while for people to get up and dance, perhaps after a few drinks, but not here. It is just a given that people will dance. The crowd is enthusiastic. We finish our first set and we all rush over to the merch table looking for food. It takes a few minutes to arrive but when it does the band chows down in a big way. You could tell we were hungry. After we quickly eat and visit with a few folks we play our second set. It goes over well and the band sounds good even though we are by now a little road weary. We pack up after getting a lot of kudos and at-a-boys from the patrons and then head back to the rooms for some rest. We are to be ready to leave at 8 am for a 810 mile, 13 ½ hour drive to Streetsboro, Ohio. This is just a lay over before we head back to Plainfield, Illinois to stay at Bud and Rita King's home.

Rockland, Maine is the farthest east that we will go on this tour. If we went any further east we would need a boat. We will are now starting our westward journey to ultimately return to our homes.

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