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Blackeyed Sally's, Hartford, Connecticut


   Pretty Boy's Corner

July 31, 2010

In the van at 8:45 am, we make a quick stop at the Starbucks nearby. The Starbucks is run by Rebecca who was helping at the concert last night. When we see her inside she says out loud for everyone to hear, "you guys took care of me last night so I'm taking care of you this morning." We all had a good laugh over this one. We get our coffees and we are on the road to Hartford.

Our hotel is another Super 8 but this one is better than the 'Twilight Zone' hotel that we stayed at in Delaware. No flies, no BBQ's, and hopefully no mice. We get checked in and we are able to rest a couple of hours before we have to head out to our gig.

We all meet down at the van at 7:30 pm to go to the club. It is about 15 miles from our hotel as the club is in downtown Hartford. We make the drive and, after some confusion about directions, we find Blackeyed Sally's. It's a funky and cool club in what appears to be a hot night spot in Hartford. There is a lot of activity and hustle and bustle going on. Some folks warned us about this club not being in such a great neighborhood but as far as we can see it is not so bad. Believe me, we have seen worse. We park out front of the club while we unload through the front door and then Laurie and I go look for parking. We find a huge lot that is empty. The attendant says it is $10 as long as we don't take two spaces. We just scratch our heads and go creatively park Big Mama in one space. Back to the club, we set up, meet the sound man, Roddy, and order dinner. The food here is great and everyone is ooing and awing over their meals. Susan and I have big salads with cornbread. I could have made a meal out of the cornbread; it was so delicious.

We play our first set and the crowd gets into it as we build each song to a climactic rise. On our break, I meet Zeke and Paula ,who we met in Memphis this year. Zeke is partly responsible for us finding this club and for us ultimately coming here to play. I also meet a fellow bass player, Dan, who tells me he played during 2000 to 2002 with the remake of the Animals minus Eric Burdon and Chas Chandler. He is very supportive and complimentary of the band. Our second set is also solid and the band sounds good. These sets we played here at Blackeyed Sally's were long. The first was 90 minutes and the second was 75 minutes. These are long times to sustain the energy because everyone in the band is feeling a little fatigued at this time in our tour. We get through it though and we are rewarded by the enthusiasm of the audience.

We load out and head back to the hotel. Our GPS gives some bad directions to the hotel and we miss it by one exit on the freeway. I check it out on my iphone and luckily we make it to the hotel without out any more difficulty. We have a late check out, 1 pm, so we get to sleep in. Our drive tomorrow is only a short 2 ½ hours. Cool.

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