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SummerSounds, St. Clair Park, Greensburg, Pennsylvania


   Pretty Boy's Corner

July 30, 2010
  Up at 4:45 am to get showered, dressed, and packed. We meet downstairs and load Big Mama by 6 am and get on the road. We get a treat seeing the sunrise as we drive east. We make it to the border and we get through in less than thirty minutes. I guess it is easier returning to your own country rather than going into a foreign one. We pass through Buffalo, Erie, and Pittsburg on our way to Greensburg. Everyone is in good spirits but just a little bit sleep deprived. We help a fellow Sprinter driver - Big Mama is a Sprinter van - jumpstart his vehicle at a rest stop and continue on our way.

After some confusion about directions to the hotel - what else is new - we load in our bags at the hotel and head off to St. Claire Park in Greensburg. It is a short drive to the park and we are helped in by Judge Dick, a volunteer for the promoters. Gene, the head honcho, greets us and everyone once again pitches in to help us get our gear onto the outdoor stage. The venue is an amphitheatre in a beautiful park setting. There are 5 to 6 rows of seats directly in front of the stage and a grassy hill behind these where people can bring in their own chairs. We are told that the park will fill up and that they have had up to 5, 000 people on some of the events that Greensburg has put on.

We get our gear set up and the sound guys, Brandon and Dan, who own and run Impact Audio, take charge. These guys are superb. If you ever need sound done in Pennsylvania, give these guys a call. They have two large speaker arrays for both sides of the stage and eight bass bins, four on each side. Everyone got their own monitor and they had no problem accommodating the girls with their in-ears monitors. The coolest thing about their set up was that the monitor mixer was wireless. Dan would walk around the stage and ask each of us what we wanted in our mix and hear what we were hearing and throughout the night adjust as we needed. How cool is that? I'm finding that I like to have a little bit of the bass in my monitor which allows me to hear the bass better. This keeps me from playing too hard and heavy. I'm glad that Tom likes it too. The mix sounds awesome from the stage and when I venture out to the stage front I can hear that the audience is going to get a treat.

They give us some food - Chipotle - at the stage and after everyone gets their fill they tell us they want to take us out to dinner at a new restaurant in the area. We decline until after the gig as we need some time to rest and get ready for the night. It is about 4:30 and we play from 7 to 9:30 pm.
It was nice to relax back at the hotel but now we are on our way back to the amphitheater. We get to park in our same convenient location - always a plus - and see that the amphitheater is very full. The weather is great. This week things have cooled down and it is not stifling like it was the weeks before. This comes as a relief to everyone.

Merch Girl, aka Susan, heads off to set up the sales table while the rest of us get our instruments ready. This is going to be fun. We kick off into our first couple of songs and, being that this is not a blues crowd like you would encounter at a blues festival, we are not sure if they are going to really get on board. But by the time Laurie gets into a long walk around solo in 'Keep on Believin'', or we do 'One Little Thing' after she has related how the song originated, we have won them over.

Our first set is one hour long and they audience is sounding like they are having a great time. Talking to folks between our sets I hear the comment that we are really tight and that it seems like we are all having a lot of fun. My response to this remarks is, "Is there any other way to play?" Being tight is something we work hard on. One person made the observation that when we come to the end of a song we don't have to look at each other like many other bands do. We just know. Cool. CD sales are brisk and Merch Girl is busy.

We play our second set after a short break and it seems no one has left. The audience came to hear some music and we came to play it. We blues and rock for another hour or so and get asked to do an encore. It was really cool to hear the audience roar when Laurie asked them if they wanted to hear another song. We give them 'Café Boogaloo.' I am told at the end of the night that the estimated crowd was around 2,500 which is one of the bigger audiences we've played to on this road trip.

We get packed up and say our good byes to everyone who has helped us be a part of this concert. In the van, everyone is feeling pretty good after such a successful show. On our way back to the hotel, we stop at the restaurant we were going to have dinner at and pick up the food that we pre-ordered before the show. I'm saving mine to eat for lunch tomorrow. We get back to the hotel for some sleep. We are up and out at 8:45 am in the morning for an 8 ½ drive tomorrow to Hartford, Connecticut.

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