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Double D's Tonawanda, New York


   Pretty Boy's Corner

July 28, 2010
  The D is for dining and drinking. What were you thinking?

I'm out for a run about 8 am even though my back is still a little sore. Running feels good and the back is not too uncomfortable and I think it might be helping by strengthening the abs. Back at the hotel I meet Laurie and Lisa having breakfast and we are joined by Susan coming in from her walk. We all eat and agree to meet about noon to run some errands. Susan and I go back to the room and I get a good stretching in that helps my back to rehab. I follow this with some practice until it is time to run errands.

On our errand run, Susan gets her nails done, Laurie and Lisa get some banking done, I pick up some Velcro for Tom, we go to a post office to mail some orders, we go to a Borders Book store to get some free "wi-fi", and then we go to an Office Max where Laurie and Lisa get a portable printer for the road. We then head back to the room for some relaxation and naps before tonight's gig. A very respectable outing.

We head out about 6:30 pm to the gig at Double D's in Tonawanda. We think our start time is 9 pm but when we get there we find out the owner has advertised the start time as 8 pm. We hurry to get set up and get the music underway about 8:15. It is also raining lightly which makes it a challenge to get loaded into the club. We have to supply our own p.a. set-up as there is not soundman for this one. Lisa does a great job of getting that all hooked up.

Double D's is small and the crowd that is there when we arrive are all eating dinner and seem like they have not come there to hear any music. We are all worried about being too loud but as we set up and warm up many of the patrons come up to us and tell us that they are specifically there to hear us. Many of them had heard us in Memphis three years ago when we competed in the International Blues Competition that is held there every year. Whew. This is a relief. The night is fun and the crowd, though small, is very enthusiastic and they hang with us through most of the night. These smaller venues can be fun because they are so intimate. The audience is right in the middle of the music, and you can see their faces which helps to make it more personal.

We make lots of friends and fans throughout the night and, by the time the night is over, everyone is satisfied. I just wished that we had not played our encore, 'Before You Accuse Me', as I made a horrendous cueing mistake during Laurie's solo. Donto did his best to follow me but what a disaster. Oh, well. We all had a good laugh and moved on. Ugh.

At the end of the night the rain has stopped and we load out and head back to the hotel. Tomorrow we are going to London, Ontario to play for the Great Lakes Blues Society. I'm excited about this as I've never been to Canada and we are crossing over on the Rainbow Bridge which passes right by Niagara Falls.
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