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Travel and Layover Day in Buffalo, New York


   Pretty Boy's Corner

July 27, 2010

Susan and I are up at 7:30. My back is still sore so I put on one of those Therma Care heating strips. This helps. I must have really overdone the lifting last Sunday and I think the beds in Delaware at the Super 8 motel were not so super.

Susan goes for a walk while I go back to the room and play some ukulele. We load up Big Mama and head off for New York. It's a long drive (8+ hours) going through four states; Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New York.

The drive is stop-and-go in some places, especially in Philadelphia, because of the summer road construction and maintenance that is underway. However, the drive is gorgeous. The hardwood forests that we pass through make me long to take some of them back to California to supply my woodshop. There are lots of cherry, red oak, ash, hickory, and maple trees.

We get to Buffalo about 7or 8 pm without any incidents and it is a relief to be back at a 'normal' hotel and not the 'twilight zone' hotel we just left in Delaware. Not only did that Super 8 motel have no 'wi-fi', was infested with flies, and had uncomfortable beds, come to find out, there was a resident mouse in Donto's room. And so that the mouse wouldn't nibble Donto's toes in the middle of the night, he left out some slivers of chicken on a plate near where the mouse was running around. It worked. All 10 ten toes were still intact in the morning. Oh, and by the way, Donto has worked it out, and he can now finish the tour with us.

The Buffalo hotel has good rooms with a sitting area, a great breakfast buffet, a work out room, and a nice pool with jacuzzi. Ah. Now for a good night's rest.
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