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Lay over day in Milford, Delaware


   Pretty Boy's Corner

July 26, 2010

Up at 8:30 and down to the marginal breakfast room. Tom is there. The breakfast foods are bagels, sweet rolls, and fruit loops. Susan and I shared a bagel then went back to the room to check on email, Facebook, and get ready for a walk. Susan and I plan on walking into the center of Milford where we might scope out a Laundromat but my back is bothering me so I head back to the room and Susan carries on without me. Susan returns in about an hour and says the main road was too dangerous to walk on so she was not able to walk into town.

Everyone except Donto decides to go into town in Big Mama to do our laundry and get some lunch. We go to a Laundromat called Senor Suds and eat at a Mexican restaurant next to the Laundromat. The food comes late and it is not all that tasty. Oh, well. It is better than nothing. We finish our wash under Susan's expert direction and head back to rest and relax.

About 6:30 pm we once again, except for Donto, get in Big Mama and drive 20 miles to a Cracker Barrel for dinner. It's a good meal and everyone is having a good time laughing and enjoying each other's company. A family going to eat sees us as we are leaving and compliments us on our show yesterday. Cool. We stop in at a Safeway grocery store and buy some fruit and other supplies for the road when Laurie receives a text from Donto. He says in his text that he thinks he will not be able to finish the tour with us. WHAT!!! Not what we want to hear, especially Laurie and especially in a text, as we have worked so hard to make this tour happen. Aw! Donto says he thinks he will have to bail out on the tour on August 10 with only four more dates left to play. His wife is having a hysterectomy and he is needed at home to take care of his three children while his wife recuperates. Kind of put a damper on our jovial evening. We limp on back to the hotel to digest the ramifications of Donto's surprise.

Off to bed and rest to continue the journey. We are doing eight plus hours tomorrow to Tonawanda, New York. This is very close to Niagara Falls. Hope we catch a glimpse of it.
I think it is time for a joke. Lord knows we could use one.

A minister is walking in the woods when he is attacked by a bear. The minister shouts out, "Lord, I have been your faithful servant for so many years. Please don't let me die this way. Make this bear into a Christian". Just then the bear gets down on his knees and says, "Thank you, Lord, for this meal of which I am about to partake. Amen". Chomp.
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