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Rehoboth Beach Bandstand, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware


   Pretty Boy's Corner

July 25, 2010

We all somehow make it to Big Mama in the morning, get loaded, and get on the road by 6 am. Everyone looks a little dazed but no one is complaining too much. At least not out loud. I take the first driving shift, followed by Lisa, Susan, Tommy, and Laurie. It's a beautiful drive and we see the names of many civil war sights and historical places like Gettysburg, Antietam, and Cumberland Gap. We come to the Bay Bridge in Maryland and wow, what a sight. This bridge is long and spans the upper part of the Chesapeake Bay. This puts us on what looks like a finger island one half of which is part of Maryland and the other Delaware. Our hotel this night is a Super 8 hotel in Milford, Delaware which is about 20 miles from Rehoboth Beach where we will be performing. We had to do this because Rehoboth Beach is a vacation destination so the hotel rates are high in the area. The further we get away from Rehoboth Beach the lower the prices are for accommodations.

We get to the hotel and our rooms are not ready, there is a confusion about our reservations, we have to change our rooms because they gave us rooms that were not clean (Susan and I had to change rooms twice!), and a storm is blowing in that looks like it could bring on a tornado. Not what we want to deal with after our long 11 hour drive from Columbus, Ohio. The management at this Super 8 motel is pretty dysfunctional. Whenever anyone in the band asks for helps or complains about the conditions of the room the managers go into long diatribes about their problems and how hard it is to run a motel. Not a good way to keep customers happy. On top of this there is a road sign painting company staying at the hotel. These guys are making lewd comments and hitting on the ladies in the band. They also are cooking BBQ outside the door of their rooms. Somehow it seems as though we stepped into a very backwoods kind of locale. You should whistle the song to 'Deliverance' here.

We finally all get in our rooms and change for the show but the storm is coming in with a lot of thunder and lightning. This is an outdoor show at the Rehoboth Concert Band Shell and there is a rider in the contract that if there is inclement weather the concert would be cancelled. We have not heard from the promoters about this so we make our way to the venue about 5:30 for our 8 o'clock show. We get to the band shell and it is still raining. The sound man, Garr, is there and it sounds like he thinks the evening is going to be cancelled but we need to wait for Corey for the final answer. I think Garr would like to have the night off. By the time Corey gets there the rain has stopped and the skies are clearing. We are given the go ahead so we set up while we get some food as we have not eaten since lunch. Garr gets us set up real fast, we do a sound check, and wait ten minutes to start the show. We play a 73 minute show and get a real good reception from the audience. A lot of families with little children stop by to watch us. I really get a kick out of seeing toddlers grooving to our music with pure joy and for the fun of it. We finish our set and we have won over quite a few fans many who have purchased some of our CD's.

We get headed back to the hotel but stop at a CVS pharmacy as Donto says his back is hurting and he could use something for it. We all go inside and wander around the store and everyone decides they need something also. Back in the van we all get back to the hotel and everyone is feeling pretty good as we have the next two nights off. This is a relief after having played 12 gigs in a row with travel on every day. Looking forward to a good night's rest and being able to wake up when we feel like it. Aw.

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