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Vonn's Jazz and Blues Club, Columbus, Ohio


   Pretty Boy's Corner

July 24, 2010

Up and at 'em. Susan and I get some breakfast at the hotel breakfast bar. It is so convenient when hotels offer this service. We don't have to carry a lot of breakfast food or make any stops on our way out of town. Of course maybe Denny's or IHOP do not think of them as so convenient. We load up at about 8 am and take off for Columbus. Got to drive through Illinois, Indiana, and end up in Ohio. Tom takes the first leg, I get the second, and Susan finishes us off into Columbus. It was a pretty uneventful drive although the weather, like yesterday and many days before that, is hot and muggy.

We get into Columbus and go to our hotel to check in and get dressed for the night's show. We get something to eat at a Chipotle Mexican Grill. Everyone in the band has not been to a Chipotle except for Susan and I. Everyone is pleased with the wholesome food they serve with such fast service. During our dinner I notice a young man also eating who later turns out to be, Dante, one of the soundmen at the club. After we eat we have about 45 minutes to change. The club is only a couple of blocks from the hotel.

We get to Vonn's Jazz and Blues Club. There is a group playing from 6 to 8 called 'Long Tall Deb and the Drifter Kings'. They are already in full swing when we arrive and they sound good. Also, there is a single guitar player/singer on the patio. He has a great voice. I think his name is Jimmy McGee. I wish I would have had time to sit down and listen to a song or two. When Deb and the Drifter Kings finish we start setting up while they tear down. Donto, our drummer, is pleased because he gets to use some of the house kit making his load in easier. He is still good about helping everyone else get their stuff in. You got to like that when everyone pitches in. I've been with some musicians whose attitude is 'I'm not a bass player so I don't haul bass equipment'. Not this band. We get set up and do a rough sound check and start out the first of 3 one hour sets.

The crowd is subdued as Vonn's is a supper club where audiences tend to be more mellow while they dine and drink, but I can see that they are enjoying the band. Maureen, Laurie's sister, has come up from Cincinnati and she is helping by cheering, whistling, and dancing. Thanks, Maureen. It is good to see you. We take a break and the audience shares with us that they are enjoying the music and most everyone sticks around through the second set and some stay on through the last set which ends at 1 am. Ugh. These are long hours considering the long drive and early start to the day. On top of this, we have to be on the road by 6 am to make an 11 hour drive to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware for an 8 pm show. Yikes. Can you say, "Sleep Deprivation".

This is one of the toughest drives coming up during the LMB summer tour but in Delaware we only play one 75 minute show and then we have two days off with a drive. Good night, albeit short lived.
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