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Blues in the District, Quincy, Illinois


   Pretty Boy's Corner

July 23, 2010

We get off about 10 am or so and begin the 5 hour drive to Quincy to play a 3½ hour show. We are delayed by a lot of construction on the way and quite a bit of the drive is rural two lane roads passing through small towns. This makes for a very scenic drive but it puts a delay in our schedule. We get to the park bandstand about 4 pm, set up as fast as we can, do a sound check, and head over to the hotel for the fastest change we've ever had to do. Don't know how all the girls get it done with all they do. I might add that the weather is hot. Did I say hot? It is somewhere in the mid nineties with a humidity of 90%. Whew. It's like a steam bath.

We drive Big Mama, our van, right up to the back of the stage. The folks running the festival are the nicest people you would ever want to meet. They get us towels, water, and anything else we need. We get out of the van and we get right on the stage and start the first set. We've been told that the sun will be on us for the first hour and it is. This one is like the Excelsior Springs Concert at the Wabash BBQ as it is so hot, but there are more people in attendance and they seem more receptive.

After Our first few songs I look over at Laurie and Tom and they are wilting. So am I. This is partly due to the band not having time to get something to eat before the show. Our energy is being sapped from the oppressive heat. The show must go on, however, and it does. The folks in the park are cheering after each song. We finish the first set and get food for everyone right away. The promoters of the event are so accommodating that they take our orders and we have food and drinks in very short time.

The second and third set go very well and we get to meet a lot of great people here in Quincy. Many autographs are signed, especially by Laurie. She is a big hit here in Quincy with her pyrotechnic guitar work and strong vocals. I think the band has made a good impression here.

We get loaded up and head back to the hotel to change out of our soaking wet clothes and get some rest. We are leaving at 8 am in the morning. We have an eight hour plus drive to play a date in Columbus, Ohio.
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