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The Alamo Club for the Central Illinois Blues Society, Springfield, Illinois


   Pretty Boy's Corner

July 19, 2010
I'm up around 7 am after having slept well and now I'm off for a run around Galesburg. I'm finding this is a great way to explore some of the towns that we are staying during our travels. Galesburg has lots of old churches and government building that were built in the late 1800's. I get back to the hotel where I relax until check out time.

Off to Springfield at 12 pm and it is starting to rain. Good thing the drive is only a short 2 hour drive. Aw the mid-west. Thunder and lightning storms are a part of life here. We get to the hotel at about 2:30 and check in. At 6 pm we get to the Alamo to load in and set up. Will, our sound man, is there but even though we are set up we do not get to do a sound check as he needs more time to finish his set up. So we go back to the hotel to change and warm up for an 8:30 show.

The rain has let up momentarily for our drive back to the Alamo where there is a healthy size crowd waiting for us to kick off our sets. Bud and Rita, Laurie's parents and Simone and Bobby, fans of the band are there. Despite the room being very boomy with a lot of competing frequencies the audience is very receptive. Will tells me that usually everyone leaves after the first set, it being a Monday night, but this crowd stays with us right through until midnight. The Central Blues Society is alive and thriving well here in Springfield and they made the LMB feel right at home. Thanks guys.

At the end of the night the rain has returned so we load out as quick and efficiently as we can to keep us and the gear dry. We get back to the hotel around 1 am for a much deserved good night's rest.


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