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Fat Fish Pub in Galesburg, Illinois


   Pretty Boy's Corner

July 18, 2010
  Up early, around 8 am, to make a drive to Galesburg, Illinois for a 6 pm show at the Fat Fish Pub. Tommy starts us out and after some brief confusion about a closed road and a detour we finally make it out of Excelsior Springs and back on the main highway. Lisa takes over driving in Monroe and soon we cross the mighty Mississippi river after passing through Hannibal, Mark Twain's hometown. Donto drives us in the last few miles. We do our usual routine of checking in at the hotel, unload our baggage, and go to the venue of set up and sound check.

At the Fat Fish Pub we are greeted by owners Burl and Jeff, and their family and friends. These guys turn out to be a great bunch of people who are running a successful club. Burl's idea is to have local talent play on Friday, Saturdays, and sometimes Wednesdays. On Sunday once a month or however scheduling will allow he contracts touring bands to come in and perform. This is a win/win situation in that Burl gets exceptional talent at a reduced price and bands want places to play on their off nights. The bands play early - 6 pm - because it is Sunday and most people work on Monday so they need an early evening to come out. Some of the other bands The Fat Fish Pub has brought in are Tommy Castro, Duke Robillard, Bruce Katz, and Les Dudek. We are fortunate to be one of those bands.

We do our sound check, get settled in with the Frank the soundman, and head back to the hotel for a quick change before the show.

Back at the Pub we find that most of the tables and stools are taken making for a reasonable size crowd for a Sunday night. You would always want more but for our first time in Galesburg this is a decent showing and, after our high-energy show and the great audience reaction, we would hope the next time would be a standing room only crowd.

Burl and the gang feed us very well and I get a special treat when Burl shows me this 12 string bass that some one gave him who use to work for the manufacturer. It is a semi-hollow body instrument that is really a 4 string bass but each string has 3 strings each that are different gauges and that are tuned to different octaves like a 12 string guitar. It had a real chime like sound. It took some getting use to and needed to be set up a little better as the string heights were uneven but even then it was a joy to play. What a cool toy. I only wish I could have played it for a while through an amp. I should have made Burl an offer.

We get back to the motel by 11 pm which is an early night for us. We get to sleep in tomorrow as our drive to Springfield is a little more than 2 hours. Nothing compared to some of the long drives that we will be doing. Good night all.


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