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Wabash BBQ in Excelsior Springs, Missouri


   Pretty Boy's Corner

July 17, 2010
  The drive is short. Only ninety minutes but it is one hot day! The temps were in the mid nineties but with the Midwest humidity it seemed like it was ten degrees hotter. Last year when we played here it poured rain during the whole show and there were some stalwart people who stayed with us throughout. Even though it is hot there should be a bigger crowd.

We get to the Elms hotel, a classic throw back to the 1930's, and drop off our luggage before heading over to the Wabash BBQ. The stage is outdoors under a covered wooden platform and everyone, including Dave and Junior, the soundmen, are sweating profusely. It's gonna be a hot one. Sound check is done. Now it is time for some eats.

Mitch has a great BBQ called the Wabash BBQ that makes great smoked meats, especially ribs and pulled pork and, not only does he treat his bands well, but he feeds them well, too. The aroma is pervasive through out the picnic area where we will be playing. I'm a vegetarian so the smoked pork is lost on me but the rest of my band mates were ooing and awing over their dinners. I like the sides like coleslaw, baked beans, and potato salad. Yum. Luckily we get to eat in the air conditioned inside of Mitch's restaurant. Mitch also has a son named Austin who was a big help and he was always asking what he could do to help. Thanks Austin.

When we get back to the stage at 7 pm a good size crowd has gathered. The sun is beating down on the stage and will do so for the next twenty minutes until it sets behind some trees. Half way through our first song everyone is dripping wet. The shirt I have on is soaked through and through and will be so for the rest of the night. Donto, Tommy, Lisa, and Laurie are the same. We have to towel off between every song to keep from slipping off our instruments.

Despite this heat the band takes on the usual high-energy take no prisoners kind of attitude and puts on an energetic concert. People are receptive and families and friends are having a good time eating and drinking while listening to the Laurie Morvan Band in this outdoor picnic type setting. The band finishes at 11 pm and we get back to our hotel after packing up for a much-deserved shower and sleep. We need to be up early tomorrow (8 am) to drive 6 hours to Galesburg, Illinois for a 6 pm show.

Thanks Mitch, Dave, Junior, Austin, and the folks of Excelsior Springs. You're the best.


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