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Uncle Bo’s Blues Bar in Topeka, Kansas


   Pretty Boy's Corner

July 16, 2010
  Check out of the hotel at 12 pm to make a three hour drive to Topeka, Kansas. Tommy drives the entire way and I nap the whole time. Gotta love that. We played this one last year and it was a super venue. It is on the ground floor of the Ramada Inn hotel. This is especially nice as we don't have to drive Big Mama, our van, to the gig from the hotel. Just take an elevator and you are there.

Suki, the club manager, is so nice and friendly and treats us royally. It is nice to have a club manager be so enthusiastic and friendly. Some owners can be down right surly, but not Sukie. She's the tops. Jim, the sound and light man, gets us dialed in in no time and we order our dinner and eat. Back up to the rooms to change and get ready for a 9 pm show.

The crowd is light - about half capacity. We are told that there is a Mexican Fiesta going on at the same time and that is why the turn out is so low. The people who were there were really into it and stuck around for the entire two sets of LMB material that we played. We meet Paul, who plays drums and loves the blues.

Later that evening, as we are packing up, Donto, our drummer, says he would like to go to the emergency room to have some welts looked at that have come up on his skin. We think they are caused by mosquito bites but he is swelling up pretty good. He should be looked at whatever they are. Being a local, Paul offers to take Donto to the E.R. to have them treated. He is looked at and given some antibiotics and antihistamines to treat the bites. Thanks, Paul, One heck of a nice guy.


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