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Boulder Outlook Hotel, Boulder Colorado


   Pretty Boy's Corner

July 10, 2010
  Up around 8:30 am and the rest of the band meets up around 9:30 - 10 am. We were told that the hotel provided free breakfast but when we get to the restaurant we are told that the breakfast was over at 9 am. It would have been nice to know this but what can you do? We scavenged up some cereals and Laurie procures a glass of milk and we have our simple but adequate meal.

We all load up at 11 am and begin our drive to the Boulder Outlook Hotel. On the drive we encounter lots of beautiful scenery with intermittent rain showers along the way. Even see a herd of buffalo.

Laurie finds out that our CD, "Fire it Up", has been reviewed in Downbeat Magazine in the August issue where it receives three stars. Cool. I remember reading this magazine when I was just starting out in music thinking that the people I read about were very important and special, and here a CD I played on has been reviewed in it.

Made it to the Boulder Outlook Hotel for sound check and checked in around 4:30. The Outlook is a great place to play. They house and feed the band. Dan, the 'Ambassador of Cool' (That's his title. No lie) who manages the club treated us first class. The load in and stage is right by the check-in center. Got to like that. We played from 8pm to 10:30 and the crowd enjoyed our two sets.

As a bonus, some very dear old friends, Brian and Janie Lambert, who live in Colorado came to see us. They brought their wonderful kids, Audry and Liam who got to watch our first set. It was a joy catching up on old times and talking about new ones. I only wish we could have visited longer.
Got to bed about midnight to get some rest before a long drive tomorrow.


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