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Wyoming Jazz and Blues Society in Casper, Wyoming


   Pretty Boy's Corner

July 9, 2010
Driving to Casper WY We left about 11am today and everyone seems in good shape. Beautiful country is seen as we traverse the Rockies and wind over the Continental Divide. I believe the Continental Divide is where the water that falls on the west side flows to the Colorado River and the water that falls on the east side flows to the Mississippi. We have also seen a lot of wild life. Deer, cows, sheep, rabbits, llamas, and even a couple of moose.

We just passed the 'Loaf and Jug' in Rawlins. Got to wonder what that name is all about. You can supply your own joke if you want. Turns out it is a chain of quick stop markets like Seven/Elevens.

Sound checked at 4pm with Carl the sound man, got some grub (we are in Wyoming after all), and back to the hotel to change for the concert.

The sound at the concert was awesome and the folks of the Wyoming Jazz and Blues Society were awesome as well. Played two 75 minute sets and met a bunch of nice folk. Gonna hope we get to come back to this one. Thanks WJBS for keeping the blues alive and bringing the LMB to your wonderful state.


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