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LMB Leaves On 2010 Tour


   Pretty Boy's Corner

July 8, 2010
  The Laurie Morvan Band is about to embark on their summer tour which will cover 13,000 miles in the United States and Canada, 27 shows, over 38 days. Whew! I'm already tired just writing about it, but it is always an adventure and we have such a great time with a fantastic bunch of traveling companions.

On board we have Lisa (Grubbs) Morvan who sings background vocals, plays percussion, and handles band business. She is a valuable asset to the band and a pleasure to travel with. We have a couple of exciting additions to the band.

On keyboard, is Tommy Salyers who hails originally from Pittsburg, Pa. He called us one day out of the blue when we put out some feelers for a keyboard player and told us he was the man for our band and he was. Tommy is a phenomenal talent on piano and organ, especially the B3, and if you get to catch one of our shows this summer I know you are going to dig him.

Next, on drums, we have Donto James. Donto is a solid drummer with many years of experience behind him. You may wonder what kind of experience. Well, his mother is Etta James and he has been her drummer and producer for quite some time. It has been fun getting to know him. I'm on bass and doing my best to keep up with the talent level of this group.

Oh, by the way, we have Laurie on guitar, vocals, and song writing. Laurie is playing and singing as hard as ever. We are out this summer supporting our new award winning album, "Fire it Up". Check it out. It's one of our best.

I'm traveling with my Lakland Joe Osbourne bass that I did some modifications to, a Fender 70 jazz bass replica, an Aguilar 500 bass head, a Shroeder cabinet with a 12, 10, and tweeter, and a SWR 2x10 cabinet. For fun I brought along a Ukele.

We left today at 7 am from Long Beach, California to travel 865 miles to Green River, Wyoming. Laurie took the first leg of the drive until she had to do a radio interview, at which time Tommy took over and drove like the road dog that he is for over 4 hours. I took the next leg and did 2 hours. Donto drove next and got us through Salt Lake City and into Green River. This was Donto's first time driving and he did a great job and also clocked in over 4 hours. Tommy and Donto are true road dogs. They set the bar high. 14 to 15 hours of driving. Glad that is over.

We have a gig on Friday night in Casper, Wyoming for the Wyoming Blues and Jazz Society. Time to get a good nights rest and get ready for the four hour drive to Casper.


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