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   Pretty Boy's Corner

August 16, 2009

It is time to go back home as this was our last date on this tour. We had to get up at 5:30 (boo) in the morning to take Kevin and Laurie to the Kansas City Airport. Turns out they had appointments they had to make on Monday morning. If they rode with us in Big Mama they never would have made it. We all gather down in the lobby. Kevin has not been to bed probably thinking he could sleep on the plane. He stayed up all night chasing the spirits with his new-found friends. He said he had a ball. It is still raining. We get Laurie and Kevin to the airport and wish them luck with hugs and high fives for a great trip. We are all sad that it is over and can't wait for the next one.

It's just Lisa, Susan and me to make the long trip with Big Mama back home. Leaving the Kansas International Airport we notice that we have logged 5700 miles on Big Mama so far on this trip. Today, Sunday, we are going to drive 980 miles to Albuquerque, New Mexico. We travel through Kansas and Oklahoma on I-35 and through Texas and New Mexico on I-40. Having left at 6 a.m. we finally arrive at our destination at 9:30 p.m. Whew. 13 ½ hours and boy are our legs tired. Didn't I tell you that Big Mama is designed after the Flintstone's car? It has not been so bad though as we all share the driving in two hour shifts, with a chance to rest and nap between shifts, except that at every exit Lisa says, "You don't want that exit". Ha.

We are spending the night with Sue and Rosie Rosenberg. Sue and Laurie worked together years ago. Rosie worked as a detective for the Los Angeles Police Department. The Rosenbergs decided to get out of the big city and move to a smaller big city like Albuquerque upon retiring. Before Sue left she told all her friends, "If you are ever in Albuquerque you are welcome to stay with us". Laurie remembered this and took her up on it. This is a good example that you need to be careful of what you say. Someone might take you up on it and bring their whole band with them. They seem very happy here and we are very happy to take advantage of their generous hospitality. We got to meet their two dogs and two cats. Thanks for the good nights rest Rosie and Sue. We hope we can stay longer next time.

After breakfast we get rolling and leave the Rosenbergs around 9:30 a.m. We have another 700 plus miles to do before we are home. Weather was good. Not too hot and no rain. We make it into Los Angeles around 9:30 p.m. Whew. That is a lot of driving. I really admire truckers when you think they do this all the time. At our final destination the odometer is showing 7450 miles for the entire trip. Pretty good. It was a fun and exciting trip and we have really enjoyed meeting so many blues enthusiastic people. Hope to see you all next year and to meet even more new friends as we continue to road trip through America. Thanks everyone for all that you did and for all of your support. I stand humbled.

Here's a parting joke for you which was told to Greg and I by Don Warner, who was the nice guy who checked my bass amp. Two old guys sitting in the retirement home are passing the time. One guy says to the other, "Man. Getting old really sucks. As I get older it gets harder to go to the bathroom. It takes longer and longer to get my business done." The other guy says, "I don't have a problem with that. Every morning I go to the bathroom at 6:30 just like clock work." The other guy says, "That's great. You are so lucky. This must make you very happy." The other guy says, "Not really because I don't get up until 7:00."

If you have been reading this blog, I thank you for taking interest in what we are doing and I hope that you have been enjoying it. If you would like to respond to any of this or give me some new material you can contact me by sending an email to morvan"at"ca.rr.com. Thanks, all.


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