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River City Blues Society in Pekin, IL


   Pretty Boy's Corner

August 12, 2009

Bob Kieser, Scott and Tracy are keeping the blues alive in Pekin, Illinois as organizers for the River City Blues Society. They have undertaken the task of putting on a concert every Wednesday night for the 2009 year. They are following some of the same things that the Central Illinois Blues society and the Friends of Blues in Kankakee are doing. This means that the shows are affordable, local, have early starts, and book on weeknights to attract a more quality band on their off nights. During the summer they have been putting on a series that they call Bluz Guitar Gurlz. In May they had Shannon Curfman, in June they had Joanne Shaw Taylor, in July 22 it was Joanna Connor, and last but not least, in the month of August they had the Laurie Morvan Band.

Picture this if you would, in the middle of a vast corn field there lies this white bubble that looks like a dropped toasted marshmallow that came from the stick of the Jolly Green Giant's skewer while he was making s'mores from some large inferno. This bubble is an inflatable arena that houses and an indoor football arena where the Pekin Dragons, a semi pro arena football team, practice. In the front of this is a meeting facility where the River city Blues Society holds its shows.

It has been a joy to play for the blues societies on this tour as they are a ready made audience primed to hear some blues and some red hot smokin' guitar work. The River City Blues Society did not disappoint. Some folks saw us at the Alamo in Springfield and wanted to see us again. Some of the River City Blues Society members rode their motorcycles to St. Louis to see us at Beale on Broadway. The crowd hung in with us through out the night and many compliments were lavished on the band. When we mentioned to Scott that we would like to go back to the International Blues Challenge held in Memphis in 2010, he said if we did not have a blues society that would send us his would be more than willing to sponsor us. Wow! What a gracious compliment. We are humbled. You guys are wonderful! Hope to see you all very soon.

Here's a good one for ya. Ollie goes to the Sons of Norway dinner one night and he wins the door prize which was a toilet brush. When asked several weeks later how the brush was working out for him he says, "Oh, it verked great for a vile, don't cha know, but now I'm back on da paper." Bucket-of-fish.


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