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Friends of the Blues in St. Anne, IL


   Pretty Boy's Corner

August 11, 2009

James Walker and his wife Susan have been putting on these events for the Friends of the Blues group for several years now. It turns out that James and his friends love the blues and they would go to Chicago to nourish this love. However, they wearied of the traveling to Chicago, the late starts at the night clubs, and the problems with parking and safety, so they started this group to bring quality blues talent to their local area at a decent price and at a decent hour. This one was held in a banquet room at the Kankakee Elks Country Club. Attendance was good and many of Laurie's family members, friends and fans were there. Brendan and his brother, Mike, were also there. Sorry I forgot to sign your CD, Brendan. We played two solid one hour sets. We got back to the hotel at an early hour for some much needed rest. We are off to Pekin, Illinois tomorrow to play for the River City Blues Society.

Here's a joke for you. Guy sees a sign on a store window that says, "talking dog for sale." He goes in, walks up to the dog, and says, "So. Tell me about yourself." The dog begins to tell him of all his wonderful accomplishments. The Dog says, "I started out as a rescue dog in the Swiss Alps. After that I went to Iraq to find explosive devices before they could hurt anyone. Now I volunteer my time in a local elementary school and read to the children". This blows the guy away and he walks up to the owner and says, "This is incredible. Why would you want to sell a dog like this?" The owner says, "He's a liar. He never did any of that stuff."


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