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The Alamo in Springfield, IL


   Pretty Boy's Corner

August 10, 2009
Pat Morvan in Nashville What a rockin' good time this one was. You would think that Monday night would be a low attendance event but when we got to the club we were pleased to see that it was packed. Standing room only. From the get go the crowd was on our side. It turns out the Illinois Central Blues Society has a regular blues night at the Alamo Club in Springfield, Illinois every Monday night. Dan Bringman is heading this up and he is doing a great job. One attendee told me that they do not get much blues in Springfield so everyone comes out on Monday nights for some quality music. He also told me that the place empties out after the first set but not this night. The crowd hung in there through all three rompin' sets. It is a joy to see Springfield has a thriving music scene. A jam session was going on down the street at another club. If I was not already working I would have liked to check out the local Springfield talent. Way to go Springfield.

The Aguilar bass amp died on two occasions, and get this - it was during bass solos! What a rip off. I'm cruisin' along on some mind-boggling riff (you should have been there) and boom! Nothing. The first time it happened we had to take a break and regroup. Kevin and Laurie finished the song with Kevin taking an incredible drum solo that the crowd thoroughly enjoyed. After unplugging my pedal board and shutting down the amp, It came back to life for the second set. During this set it happened again. I was plugged directly into the amp so it had to be something with the amp. I shut it down and it came back on, this time, and I could finish the bass solo. Whew. We think it might have something to do with power surges and that the amp needs a steady electrical supply. Some of these clubs are old and have suspicious wiring. I'm going to look into getting some kind of power conditioner.

Here's a joke for you. Ollie and Lena have to baby sit their grandchild. Lena goes to the store and leaves the child with Ollie. When Lena returns she smells that the baby needs changing. She says, "Ollie, for goodness sake can't you see that this little one needs its diaper changed?" Ollie replies, "Oh, no it doesn't. It says right here on the side of the box that these diapers are good for up to 25 pounds and we ain't no where near that yet."


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