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The High Dive in Champaign, IL


   Pretty Boy's Corner

August 9, 2009
Sunday night is always an iffy night for a show but we booked ourselves in the High Dive in Champaign. Champaign is home to the University of Illinois, where, if you did not know, Laurie attended college, received a degree in Electrical Engineering, learned to fly an airplane, and played as a scholarship athlete in volleyball. Does that make you feel tired or inadequate? Gee. What a drive. Anyway, we were worried that we were only going to play for the bartender and the soundman, but, by the time the show started, we had a pretty nice size crowd for a Sunday night.

Our fan base is starting to grow which is such an honor to have people who want to listen to the sounds we create. The High Dive is a long deep brick building with high ceilings, which you think would be a problem, but, to the contrary, I found that this room had one of the best mixes of all the gigs we've done this summer on this tour. It helped that the stage is almost 6 feet off the main floor and that they have a state-of-the art sound and lighting system. Carl, the soundman was very capable and handled everything with excellence. Whew. It is nice to have a capable person on the board. Laurie rocked, we laughed, and we grooved our butts off.

We spent the night at Kelly and Brian Finet's home in Montecello, Illinois. Kelly and Brian were Laurie's classmates at U of I. They have a lovely home and a cute dog named Peek-a-boo. Kelly and Brian have a son and three daughters. Susan and I got to spend the night in Shannon's room. Shannon is 14 or 15 years old and loves animals. It was really neat waking up to the Jonas Bros. posters on the wall and a photo of James McCartney on the ceiling above the bed. It took me a while to remember where I was when I woke up. Thanks to the Finet family for your warm and generous hospitality. Awesome.


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