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Slippery Noodle in Indianapolis, IN


   Pretty Boy's Corner

August 6, 2009
Pat Morvan in Nashville The Slippery Noodle is a great place to play. The stage is on a raised platform which is higher than most stage platforms. I would venture to guess that it is around five feet off the floor. It is a small club but with the upstairs balcony it is capable of seating quite a few music lovers. My only complaint would be that the bass was a little bit mushy and the note definition was obscured by the low end. It took some careful EQ to help but as I played I also shortened my note length to keep the bass from being too fat.

The crowd was great and we had many returning fans from last year who wanted to see us again. James came with his girlfriend, Debbie, because his cousin who lives in Irvine, California called him and told him he should check us out when we come to town. His cousin must have caught us at one our many Southern California gigs. James came and I think he was pleasantly surprised. Bud and Rita were there with Bud's cousin, Alma, and his daughter, Maureen, also in attendance. What fans! You gotta love it when family is so supportive. Thanks guys. Alma asked me if my legs got tired from standing up for so long and bopping around on stage. My answer was yes they do but I try to keep them in shape, as well as the rest of me, by frequent exercise and good diet.

The band house was great! Four beds, two baths, satellite TV, and a full kitchen. Another great gig where the club feeds you, houses you, and pays you. Aw! Life is good. See you at the next one.


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