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Livin' Like Kings at the Kings


   Pretty Boy's Corner

August 2 - August 5 2009
We are on our way to the thriving metropolis of Plainfield, Illinois. Plainfield is a small suburb 45 miles southwest of Chicago. Bud and Rita, Laurie's parents will be putting up with us for a few days until we leave for Indianapolis to play at the Slippery Noodle on Thursday. To get to Plainfield we have to drive from Topeka, Kansas through Iowa and then through central Illinois racking up a total of 568 miles. We drop Greg off at his house in Lansing, Kansas and then we are off to Plainfield.

I'm very excited (I know it's kind of hard to tell with me but I am) because my wife, Susan, is flying in to meet up with the band and assume her role as Merchandise Girl for the LMB. We pick her up at O'Hare airport Monday evening. It will be great to see her. Yea!

While resting up in Plainfield we had a great time visiting and enjoying ourselves. Everyone had opportunities to exercise, take walks, and just enjoy the beautiful Illinois countryside.

We had a chance to visit with Brendan Ryan, an old musician friend of Laurie's, who is quite the funny man. I'm still working on the red paint/blue paint riddle. He also did a great video of us at Julian Blues Festival using "Kickin' Down Doors" as a sound track. It's a compilation of still shots that he took when he was with us last year. You can find it on U-Tube. Just search for "Kickin' Down Doors".

We also got to visit with Matt and Lillian. Matt is Laurie's cousin. They have three great children and a very nice home in Lockport. We were joined later by Jill, another one of Laurie's many cousins, who brought three of her little ones. Thanks for your hospitality, Matt and Lil. By the jovial atmosphere, I'm sure the margaritas were delightful. I wouldn't know, though. I was designated driver.

We enjoyed our time here thanks to Bud and Rita but now it is time to be on the road. We have 9 one-nighters to do within the space of 10 days.. Here we go, LMB. I hope by the end of this road trip, these blogs will still be readable and not the writings of a blathering bass player bound for bonkersville. Perhaps you already think they do.


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