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Uncle Bo's Blues Bar in Topeka, KS


   Pretty Boy's Corner

August 1, 2009

280 miles away on a rainy Saturday we traveled to Uncle Bo's Blues Bar in Topeka, Kansas. Our friend, Greg, is along for the ride and becomes very valuable in helping with sound checks, carrying equipment, and driving. Thanks, Greg.

Uncle Bo's is in the Ramada Inn in downtown Topeka, Kansas. By the way, Topeka is the capital of Kansas where Greg's dad was an elected representative for a while. Anyway, Uncle Bo's was a great gig except I forgot to ask who Uncle Bo was or is. I like to know these kinds of things. The load in went great with close parking to the club. By now you know this is an important consideration for us. The sound man met us at Big Mama, helped us with the equipment and got us up and running in good order with a speedy and efficient sound check.

One odd thing about the sound equipment at Uncle Bo's is that there are sub-woofers under the stage that vibrate the stage in the low end. Therefore my bass sounded huge (is this really a problem?) and it was disconcerting to Laurie as she felt she needed to turn up her guitar louder. However, when you stepped off the stage the bass did not have such an ominous presence as it did on stage (aw). We worked around it and, being professionals, we play under conditions that are less than satisfying on stage to the performer so that the audience gets the best aural experience.

Suki, the club manager, and Jim, the sound man, were great to work with and made us feel so at home we did not want to leave. Thanks, all. We look forward to seeing you next year.

One funny thing that happened when we got to the hotel made us think we were lost in a twilight zone episode. We checked in and got our room assignments and then went around to the side where we were told to load in. The hotel gave us rooms on the 3rd floor. Right by the place where we parked Big Mama there was an elevator that went up to the 10th floor. Kevin grabbed his bag first and disappeared up the elevator. Laurie, Lisa, Greg and I followed in the next elevator to go to our rooms. When we got in I pushed the number three to go to the 3rd floor but the button would not stay lit. Usually the floor button lights up telling you that it will stop at that floor. Moreover, the elevator did not move. I then pushed one to just get the elevator moving. It did and it stopped at the 1st floor where another person got on who was going to the 10th floor. We pushed the 10th floor button then and tried the 3rd floor button again. The elevator did not stop at the 3rd floor but it proceeded to the 10th floor where, after dropping off our new passenger, we find Kevin also wondering how you get to the 3rd floor. Out of frustration we all go back to the basement floor where we started. Here we find out that there are two elevators for different sections of the hotel. This reminds me of the saying, 'I know where you want to go but you can't get there from here'. I think there is a song that goes by this title. This all seems comical but at the time it was frustrating. I'm glad we all can laugh about it now.


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