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Blues Down Under at Cartoons in Springfield, MO


   Pretty Boy's Corner

July 31, 2009

We played at Cartoons which is a nice restaurant/bar/club in central Springfield. It is hosted by Monte Lortes, who puts on a series of blues concerts throughout the year that feature good upcoming talent like the Laurie Morvan Band. The crowd was small but Monte told us he made an error in booking this night as it was the opening night of the State Fair and many of his attendees were at this event. The crowd that was in attendance, however, may have been small but they were mighty and we gave them a heck of a show and they responded with much enthusiasm. The band believes that no matter who is in attendance, whether it is a full house or a smattering of people, you give it your all as they deserve to see a good show. They paid their hard earned money to see us whether there are 50 or 5,000 people to see us. So we don't lollygag on our energy during any performance.

By the way, if you ever meet Monte he is a great and very gregarious person, but when you pronounce his name make sure you omit the 'T' sound and give a long 'E' at the end. Pronounce it like 'Mau-nee'. I don't know why the 'T' is silent. Perhaps it is the French side of him. Seems like the French put in a lot of consonants at the end of words that they never pronounce. Like English is any better. Just a heads-up. Thanks, Maaaauuuu-neeeeeee!


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